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  1. Okay, I think we can cut it out with the whole 'ignorance' stuff. Honestly, I posted this here to see if we could recruit more fans and to see if we could raise awarness to the average person. That's part of our goal. To try and get the average person to listen to the music. Please stop calling us and other fans 'ignorant' just because we would like to go against the odds. Regardless of how small/big/divided/'old fashion' the fanbase is, it still exists. We are still here whether you like it or not, and our artists deffinately like it. We are not just sending out letters to artists. We're
  2. Hello all, my name is Samantha a.k.a _Tsukiko_ (on JrockRevolution Forums) a.k.a JrockVisualism (Otakon forums). I am a member of the new street team known as Pro-JECT (Pro-Jrock on the East CoasT). Long story short, here is our mission statement: As you probably know by now, Japanese pop culture is steadily growing in the United States. There are thousands of dedicated fans all over the United States. Each day there are more that pop up. In the past few years, there have been many Japanese artists to take the stage stateside. Jrock Revolution was a successful Los Angeles based festi
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