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  1. My close friend and I go together every summer. We had a third girl but she decided she is ~above~ it. >___> Anyway, it's just the two of us and we're little underage babies so it gets boring, but we bring our mommies and have a lovely time anyway. :'D Sometimes I wish I could go alone and do my own thing though!! Or at least with people who like to do a lottt of stuff.
  2. I was Sailor V and I was with a super-cute Ichigo from Tokyo Mew Mew. Friday evening, all day Saturday, and Sunday morning...
  3. Last year I had a lot of people confusing my Sailor V cosplay. I must've heard "Hey look! It's SAILOR MOON!!!" a dozen times. I love walking around outside the convention center in my costume though. It's great seeing everyone's different reactions.
  4. So now, this is gonna be my 5th yearat Otakon and I've never been tot he Otacafe! So about Karaoke (my friend and I totally wanna do this!) ... do you need to sign up? I didn't see anything about it in this thread (maybe I missed it...) but I wondered if this is something you need to schedule in advance...
  5. I work at a day camp, Monday through Friday... and we don't get to leave until 4 PM... so I am missing the entire first day of Otakon :'( And I could take off, but Mama Bear won't let me... because I won't get my $30 "bonus" for attending all 39 days if I skip out on a day. xD
  6. Honestly, I love cosplaying and having my picture taken. I just think it's so fun! And seeing so many other cosplayers, I'm always amazed at how awesome some people are at making their costumes. And of course I love getting to spend all my money on crazy stuff I don't need.
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