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  1. For '08, my friend and I went as the main heroes Lucian and Aaron from Lunar Knights. Only ONE person in the entire convention recognized us and pulled us over. I was surprised at getting even one person to recognize us. XD; One of my next cosplay plans is Raguna from Rune Factory, which I'm really not expecting many to recognize that. I get the feeling Princess Alena from Dragon Warrior 4 and Aya Shameimaru from Touhou Project will both be pretty obscure too, but not as much as Raguna. I seem to have a love for the obscure characters.
  2. My buddy and I are hoping to go as two Knights of the Round: Gino for her and Suzaku for me. We sure as heck have the height difference! She's a freaking tower over me... makes me feel so short. xD; I'm hoping to have a little plush Arthur to carry as Suzaku too~
  3. For certain, I'll be going as Princess Alena from Dragon Warrior IV (Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen), and then I'll either be going as Suzaku Kururugi in a Rounds uniform from Code Geass R2, or a custom Medieval fantasy knight design of Gino Weinberg from Code Geass R2. Only Alena's set in stone currently though.
  4. Let's see, what did I get.. o_o; Artist Alley: -Black cat ears and tail -Wolf ears and tail -Three Megaman stickers (Megaman, X and Axl) -Code Geass print (Lelouch, C.C., Suzaku and Kallen) -Haruhi Suzumiya print (Catgirls Haruhi, Yuki and Mikuru) -Dungin' & Dragons shirt (For one brother) -Attorney at LOL shirt -Cthulhu shirt (For the other brother) -'Slide' Penguin plush (For mom) Dealer's Room: -Code Geass Limited Edition Boxset -Code Geass random Nano figure - Red Milly (Originally got Shirley, but my friend got Milly and we traded <3) -
  5. Oh wow, I can't believe how close it is already. @_@ Eee! What I'll be up to? Lessee... -Finish my Lucian cosplay. -Make lists of things I need to take. -Make sure I don't misplace anything. x_x -Get my hotel payment sent out to the one in charge of the room. -Practice the three-minute Hare Hare Yukai. -Pick up the final things I need. -Finalize travel plans with the friend I'm going with and buy the bus tickets for us. -Try to convince my dad not to call me multiple times during the day while I'm there. >_> -Decide whether or not to get my hair cut. Which'll
  6. Anything Code Geass for me, but if I can leave with a Lancelot figure, I will be beyond happy. I'll probably keep an eye out for Haruhi Suzumiya things too. And plushes. I need to leave with at least one cute plush. X3
  7. My friend and I will be cosplaying for the first time as a pair from the game Lunar Knights. I'll be going as Lucian, and she'll be going as Dumas. Practically no one will know who we are, I'm sure, but it'll be fun anyway. XD I was hoping to also have a Geass costume as well, but I won't have the time. Oh well. D:
  8. I'll be cosplaying on Saturday as Lucian from the game Lunar Knights, with one of my friends going as LK's Dumas. Hopefully I'll be with another friend who goes as Aaron, but that's a little unlikely. We'll most likely do the same cosplays on Sunday, but we're not sure yet. :3
  9. yay! we have the same birthday ^_^

  10. I was really interested in this, but since it'll be on the first day of the convention, I think I'll pass this time even though I really wanted to do it with a group. I definitely want to be there to atleast watch, though. X3; (And I wouldn't want to do the dance out of a cosplay, which I wouldn't be doing until Saturday, so... oh well.)
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