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    My friend is going as Zombie Sid lol..keep a good eye out for him he'll be with a CC, ZERO, Lancelot(if my friend gets it done...so much foam @_@).
  2. My 3 man/woman group met a girl named Amanda...you were looking for a starbucks, and walked with us down the street. My friend was dressed up as Kisuke Urahara, we went to the rave and then a late night panel...tried to find ya on sunday but no luck... PM me if your Amanda who met us on Saturday.
  3. Transportation = 30(greyhound round trip) Hotel = 145 for the weekend split 3 ways.(Thursday---Sunday) Dealers Room = 195? Artist Ally = 20 Cab = 30 Food / Drink = 50 X_x ________________________ Total = 470... more then that just can't remember on what @_@ I'm going to try and save at least double that for next year though so I can have more to spend on the Artist Ally and Dealers room... alot of things I wanted this year but ran out of money @_@. Only good thing is I got the Day's Inn room for 120 a night and got 3 or 4 people for it already, but even with two people its only $
  4. Personally I would go with the PVC pipe anyway... some prop weapons although they look awesome can be a pain to carry around all day long. and with a PVC pipe prop you could probably make a replacement just in case something happened to the original fairly cheaper then a wood made prop.
  5. Well I just switched over from radisson to days inn. now it's only cost 30-40 a night each (+tax) =D. I heard that its a good hotel, but just like I asked with the radisson... anyone mind confirming it? I mean one block away, and directly in sight of the BCC.. seems fine to me, but how about staff and how the rooms are?
  6. Open an online shop and I'll def buy... I wanted an Otakon 2008 shirt but ran out of money =[. I think ALOT of people would probably buy from the store.. to be honest I know myself and litterly 6 others who all regretted not saving a bit to buy Otakon 08 stuff.
  7. I booked the Radisson Plaza Lord Baltimore last night...had so much fun this year and can't wait... was wondering though if anyone stayed there this year and would mind telling me how they liked it...or if they have heard good thing about it.
  8. Heyy cutie happy 8 months ^_^

  9. My school has an anime club and a seperate gaming club, but then again I go to a school that has a heavy number of people going for Animation and majors of the such. Try to get people intrested more. One way could be to even include Otakon ... nothing like getting a bunch of people from your school together getting a room or 2 and going to a convention before a new years worth of classes start. In a more serious note... you could hold anime drawing events....like each week an image is posted up that ya found on the interwebz...everyone there draws their own likeness of the image and then vot
  10. If this is gonna happen I wanna record it...this will be awesome to see
  11. ok I'm new this year, and was supposed to go last year but my question is...do we get to pick our badge O.o or is it w/e they give us?
  12. I'm going as Aizen for sure...The Hueco Mundo version...everything works out perfect for me, and I'm already working on his zanpaktuo ...should be fun. I was gonna go as Yamato from Naruto and still might if I have the money for it (Konoha uniform version...not ANBU...making 1 wooden sword is enough )
  13. cosplay fun...a weekend out of town, dealers room and the amv contest. I wouldn't mind meeting some of the guests if there are any there I like too.
  14. Well I'm not really worried about Thursday but Friday morning I'll be up nice and early probably 3 hours before it starts
  15. Got the idea for this topic mainly because alabaster has been talking about toys in a death note topic Post your all time favorite childhood toy(s) here! ..Mine were Legos & Hotwheels/Matchbox Cars
  16. I'll probably use my credit card for what I can and then use the money I have saved to make the payment. It's just as easy and I have a way of keeping track of where my money went.
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