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  1. Transportation = 30(greyhound round trip)

    Hotel = 145 for the weekend split 3 ways.(Thursday---Sunday)

    Dealers Room = 195?

    Artist Ally = 20

    Cab = 30

    Food / Drink = 50 X_x


    Total = 470... more then that just can't remember on what @_@ I'm going to try and save at least double that for next year though so I can have more to spend on the Artist Ally and Dealers room... alot of things I wanted this year but ran out of money @_@. Only good thing is I got the Day's Inn room for 120 a night and got 3 or 4 people for it already, but even with two people its only $180 each...so I'm happy. :lol: My plan is 50 a month saved (including this August)... figure thats 12 months including July and I'll have $600+ next year to spend, but my real goal is 1500 xD

  2. Well I just switched over from radisson to days inn. now it's only cost 30-40 a night each (+tax) =D. I heard that its a good hotel, but just like I asked with the radisson... anyone mind confirming it? I mean one block away, and directly in sight of the BCC.. seems fine to me, but how about staff and how the rooms are?

  3. Open an online shop and I'll def buy... I wanted an Otakon 2008 shirt but ran out of money =[. I think ALOT of people would probably buy from the store.. to be honest I know myself and litterly 6 others who all regretted not saving a bit to buy Otakon 08 stuff.

  4. My school has an anime club and a seperate gaming club, but then again I go to a school that has a heavy number of people going for Animation and majors of the such. Try to get people intrested more. One way could be to even include Otakon :excl: ... nothing like getting a bunch of people from your school together getting a room or 2 and going to a convention before a new years worth of classes start. In a more serious note... you could hold anime drawing events....like each week an image is posted up that ya found on the interwebz...everyone there draws their own likeness of the image and then vote on the best one(not an exact drawing...maybe a realistic form, or Chibi xD). This kinda works with my schools better because your either an art major...culinary major, or there for a fashion marketing major... and most people in the club are Animation students or Graphic Design... but it could work for you. No huge prize needs to be given maybe some snacks or something...something that would hold someone over for a week maybe :P... give them reason to come back...keep it simple and try to have fun! :blush:

  5. Getting back on topic....I do have another question.

    What circumstances have you heard of people getting 8 in a room? I booked one for guys and girls and I think I might go over that limit. So far, with all accounted, girls outnumber guys.

    Also, kinda of a manners question, related to my previous question, won't the front desk hotel people be annoyed if I repeatedly call every day to ask if there have been any cancellations? Is it a possibility I could be put on a "waiting list" sorta deal?

  6. I'm going as Aizen for sure...The Hueco Mundo version...everything works out perfect for me, and I'm already working on his zanpaktuo :) ...should be fun. I was gonna go as Yamato from Naruto and still might if I have the money for it (Konoha uniform version...not ANBU...making 1 wooden sword is enough :P )

  7. I've heard about those three games, too. Uwah, I really can't wait!!

    But I find it unusual they would create a game for the PSP and the DS. Isn't that sort of like... forcing DS users to buy PSPs and PSP users to buy a DS? Basically a little competition that they set up?

    But heck, it sure got my attention! I'm gonna save up for a PSP now! >.<!!

    Lol, the "358/2 Days" title really intrigues me as well. And you just know they're gonna explain that in the game as you play along.

    Oooh~ I can't wait for those games to come out!!

  8. Favorites:


    Micro Machines

    Other fond memories:


    G.I. Joes


    Power Ranger Zoids (todays PR zoid toys are cheap and horrible hardly any transforming)

    Nerf Ballzooka (and other Nerf guns)

    M.A.S.K. (action figures of the show)

    Still play with today:



  9. One, when do people usually start looking for people to fill out their hotel rooms in downtown, and what is the typical arrangement (does it usually end up being packed rooms with 8, 10, 15, whatever people in it, for example),

    And two, if I was looking at something like staying in a room with only 4 other people or so within a couple blocks of the BCC, what is usually the asking price for that?

    The second question is whether people know how long it takes for hotels around BWI to usually sell out (or whether they do) in a situation like this year where Otakon and baseball games are going on at the same time. I'm just wondering whether I should get something now or wait to see if any deals come up. (Last year I was able to grab a 30% off deal at the Microtel in Linthicum a month or so before the convention, for example. But if everything will be gone by then, then obviously I don't want to hold off).

    Third, and this has less to do with Otakon than a general hotel reservation question, but has anyone used a service like hotwire to reserve a hotel around BWI, and if so, what hotels do you usually end up getting. I'm just wondering since you can't see what hotel you get until after you reserve (and you can't cancel the reservation). I can take an educated guess, but if anyone already knows, then that's cool.


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