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  1. Thanks for the heads up!
  2. My convention budget looks a little like this...$276 for hotel( 3 of us staying there but I'm paying for me and my g/f)...$30 for greyhound... my cosplay limit is $150(probably will all be used )...estimate of $50 for pre-reg...$75 for food (Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun)...$20 for cab incase we dont wanna walk after the con, but our hotel is close now....and I wanna be able to bring about $200 to spend in the dealers room and art gallery. Bings me to $801 ..not too bad considering I have no new books to buy for my last 2 quarters of school..and I'll just be saving money up. ...Lol quit WoW too so
  3. I wouldn't mind knowing some the general rules that were used last year either... does anyone that made an AMV and submitted it last year have any info or maybe even an admin or staff member? Many thanks in advance.
  4. yo thanks for letting me know about the Biltmore Suites. Only wound up being like $10 more a night but I got a fridge, and its like 20 blocks closer xD. Haha booked a room there and canceled Hopkins right away.

  5. SPOILER ALERT(Naruto Manga)!>>
  6. It's me and 2 others(My fiancee and 1 of my best friends) taking Greyhound. We are splitting the total for the 3 round tickets(because 1 ticket got the "companion" discount) so it's only $30 a person and the times I got were exactly the times I wanted...maybe off by 15-20 minutes, and the ride itself should only be about 2 or 2 1/2 hours.
  7. I saw something on youtube about the dance at the Otakon 2007 convention. I would come and watch for sure if ya did it this year. Not going to take part though because I can't do the dance for anything!
  8. My Thursday lol. Get to Baltimore around 2:30..go to my hotel and check in. After checking in go down to the Inner Harbor and and get dinner. After that maybe walk around for a little bit before getting the pre-registration done around 7ish?..then going back and getting plenty of sleep for the next day.
  9. I'm going to go as Sosuke Aizen from bleach, but in his Arrancar form. I was originally going to go as Yamato from Naruto and do his ANBU uniform Friday and his Konoha uniform Saturday, but I can pull off Aizen real easily, and I already made his Zanpakuto. Picture of what the costume will (hopefully) look like. *He is the middle one for non-bleach fans*
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