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  1. I am excited for Otakon. I just got back from Anime Matsuri and seeing Miyavi so Otakon is my next big convention. Sadly I will be missing the thursday prereg line for Vamps.
  2. I plan on getting there very very very early on thursday. I actually have alot of fun in the lines since I tend to bring my ipod and mini speakers. I would suggest bring sunscreen and maybe a hat.
  3. When I did 7/16 - 7/19 I got the days inn. So I booked it. It seems like the number of days you are booking is different for each hotel.. I could be wrong though.
  4. I booked the Days Inn as soon as I saw it. I am happy I did too since I don't see it on the site anymore.
  5. I am cosplaying Tifa, the advent children outfit, Though I still have to get my outfit together.
  6. i am going 3/14 I missed Mucc before cause My brother got married on the same day. I get to see them now so my bro is forgiven.
  7. I am looking forward mostly for the musical guest. I also want to see who they are getting for the japanese guests Lastly, I am looking forward for the yaoi panel, I had so much fun last year.
  8. If I go with my mother, we drive from pa. If I go alone, I take the train.
  9. I try to keep my budget at $200 but I end up spending more.. it's sad
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