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  1. I think you'd be suprised how many people haven't seen cowboy bebop, evangelion, trigun, and shows like these. there are casual fans that go to this con too and they could use this video room to sample popular shows that we all talk about and reference. a casual fan who watches a few episodes of cowboy bebop would most likely leave that room a hardcode fan can't say the same for evangelion - that series might scare some people....
  2. Macross Frontier. I'm not sure how you guys were able to show Macross 7 and Macross FlashBack 2012, but I imagine that you should be able to show Macross Frontier the same route. Hopefully Miyazaki's new movie will be obtainable by Otakon 2009 as well.
  3. How do you flip between different Initial D cars every year? I want a AE86 so much o-o.
  4. Very nice. I liked the "oh look, a joker cosplay" one the best ^^
  5. I'm currently considering cosplaying as Nekki Basara from Macross 7 and going with my girlfriend who will be cosplaying Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier.
  6. It was something I really wanted to see, but ending up missing it between Casshern Sins and meeting up with old friends. Did anyone get to go and how was it?
  7. whoa were do you find the time for that?! it normally takes me forever to get through 1 anime series. dont become a shut-in [the real definition of otaku]
  8. I had to stay in 2 hotels (One hotel had a good rate for Friday to Sunday, but were sold out for Thursday, so Thursday was another Hotel) Got all nights at a rate of $199 a night. I already locked in 2009 with Hyatt for $199 a night Place I stayed: Springhill Suites Marriott Number of people in room: 2 Hotel Staff: Majority nice, except for whoever was incharge of phone. I have never talked to a larger jerk at a hotel all my life. Walk to Otakon: 5-7 minutes The good: -Amazing room -2 Brand New Flatscreen LCD TVs that are Wall Mounted -Very fresh and new looking
  9. I felt so pumped and excited during and shortly after Otakon, but now I'm just kinda bummed out and wishing it would start up again soon. I've probably went through 3-4 anime series since Otakon ended and have been slacking on my studies. I was hoping that Otakon would kinda kick start me to get things done, but it seems now it has done the opposite ^^I
  10. For this being my first Otakon, I found it kinda clumsy that the map and the schedule were on separate documents. I liked the newspaper thing, but maybe just have a paper that has the opening/closing info for different rooms, the schedule and the map on 1 document. Makes a bit more sense then trying to carry around 3 documents when you are only using 1 page pretty much on each. Other than that, I found all three documents very well layed out and professional looking. Good job!
  11. Maybe opening up an eBay account or simply selling the items off the Otakon website using a PayPal shopping cart would work. Both require usage fees, but also could move merch out pretty quickly. I would probably buy a shirt if they went for sale.
  12. What exactly happens to the left over Otakon merchandise? Will it be sold online at all?
  13. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=5010...mp;id=515463344 Credit if use, and I have ~3-4 pictures of my girlfriend named Hannah in here. If anyone has pictures of her please send me a copy? Thanks!
  14. I got: 2 cheap airsoft guns Chi Large Plushie (signed by Masao) Crossbone Gundam ver Ka. Master Grade Gundam Weapons: Amphibious MS Edition MS Era: UC 0001-0099 Wild Flower - Shunya Yamashita Illustrations II Gundam Seed Astray Vol 2 & 3 Skullman Vol 2 Initial D Vol 13 & 21 Macross Vol. 1-7 Gravion & Gravion Zwei Boxset Jam Project CD & Shirt (signed) Rave Goggles with Red Lenses 2 chibi mecha stickers from abortedCreativity
  15. So wait....like 400 people were stuffed in escalators, someone tripped at the end, and then the problem just got really big? o-O That's a lot of people.. ._.
  16. I saw a large crowd of people screaming random victory or praise phrases after the Closing Ceremonies, who were all pointing to "Awesome" and an insignia done in duct tape on the window. What was this all about? This was my first Otakon and I heard someone say "He Returned", so is this something that happens often at Otakons?
  17. There are two people who I would want to thank that helped me out in the dealers room. One was 2 guys who instead of just telling me where they bought something, they walked back there and had me follow just so I could get there correctly. Second was on Sunday when my cellphone died and I had no way of getting hold of my friends, someone let me use their cellphone to call them up. Majority of the people at the con were very nice and very cool.
  18. It was really good weather, except the out-of-nowhere rain on Thursday. Luckily my girlfriend and I just got out of the line but still had to walk through the random heavy rain + hail for half a mile. Was kinda funny though. I felt bad for people still in line.
  19. This is my personal payment list Pre-Reg: $55 Hotel: $325 Valet/Parking: Free/Covered Gas: Covered by other guests Food: $25 (lived off Ramen, Chinese and Slurpees) Tips: $12 Art Alley: $3 Dealers Room: ~$400 So in total, it cost me about $825, but I really don't mind. Its the most fun I had since I went to Japan and I would gladly paid more for it.
  20. w00t. Just booked the Hyatt for Thursday to Monday. Got it at $199 a night.
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