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  1. Heyy cutie happy 8 months ^_^

  2. Y'know I have a weird childhood.... I used to play with Hot Wheels/Matchbox cars, but they were my brother's toys (i played with them anyway). I had Barbie dolls and then My Little Pony ponies. What I did with them is... I used to pretend Hot Wheels cars could talk.. so I began making up this little story (they were always love stories...) It's always about the same thing.. Girl Car likes Boy Car... They have a baby (usually a smaller car) and then the Boy Car would have a Rival. I swear they stole my idea when they made the movie, Cars! D:< But with Barbie dolls and My Littl
  3. This has been a Square marketing technique for years...make 2 different games... throw them on 2 different systems and profit. They also keep good relations that way. Personally I won't buy a psp or a PS3 for the Kingdom Hearts series.
  4. Heresy! *pulls out pitchfork and torch*
  5. Hahah, the cake is not a lie!!111 XD My brother has been wanting to get that game, and I get to play on his computer if he does!! Woopie~
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