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  1. Y'know I have a weird childhood....

    I used to play with Hot Wheels/Matchbox cars, but they were my brother's toys (i played with them anyway). I had Barbie dolls and then My Little Pony ponies.

    What I did with them is... I used to pretend Hot Wheels cars could talk.. so I began making up this little story (they were always love stories...)

    It's always about the same thing.. Girl Car likes Boy Car... They have a baby (usually a smaller car) and then the Boy Car would have a Rival.

    I swear they stole my idea when they made the movie, Cars! D:<

    But with Barbie dolls and My Little Pony(s)... I pretended that Barbie owned the ponies and enslaved them. My dramas weren't always lovey dovey... I had this one Barbie imprison the other Barbie in a room, so Ken would belong to only the evil Barbie.

    I was....a strange strange child (. - .)

    Oh I also had Legos and Megablocks! You don't wanna know what I did with those >.>

  2. I've heard about those three games, too. Uwah, I really can't wait!!

    But I find it unusual they would create a game for the PSP and the DS. Isn't that sort of like... forcing DS users to buy PSPs and PSP users to buy a DS? Basically a little competition that they set up?

    But heck, it sure got my attention! I'm gonna save up for a PSP now! >.<!!

    Lol, the "358/2 Days" title really intrigues me as well. And you just know they're gonna explain that in the game as you play along.

    Oooh~ I can't wait for those games to come out!!

    This has been a Square marketing technique for years...make 2 different games... throw them on 2 different systems and profit. They also keep good relations that way. Personally I won't buy a psp or a PS3 for the Kingdom Hearts series.

  3. Yeah the game is really a must play. The advance stages are really hard and fun. "Sill alive" went in my favorites play list after playing that game. Then I looked up videos on youtube for speed runs. 18mins is the record for one guy on PC.

    Just look at my avatar pic. Weighted Companion Cube FTW.

    Game Script:


    Everything GLaDoS says is hilarious.

    The cake is a lie. But the pie is real.

  4. Some quick plot info for you guys, no spoilers so relax.

    Birth By Sleep takes place 10 years before Kingdom Hearts and has a bunch of stuff to do with KH2:FM. Yes, American fans will final get some of their Final Mix fix. 'Nuff said.

    358/2 Days covers the storyline of Roxas' creation to his confrontation with Riku when he was placed in Twilight Town. Basically, Roxas' story during CoM. Said to support co-op online multiplayer, full 3-D.

    Coded, I have no idea. Couldn't find much.

    ...What kind of name is "358/2 Days?"

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