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  1. Anime would be FMA when mayes died. Manga is Gunslinger Girl vol 9 when Angelica died.
  2. This was on the way to Otakon 2004, my first convention. I drove in (600 miles) to meet my group at the airport. No one knew anyone's real name or what we looked like since we all met and planned through a WINMX chat. One guy had a poster board with big letters: Soviet, Spooky, Kanzen. I walked up to them and pointed out that I was the kanzen guy. Spooky also saw the sign (short for spookey donkey, from the cowboy beebop movie, the person that the gamer was going to meet if he beat the high score on the arcade game that Faye shot). We were waiting for Soviet. We went to the snack ba
  3. Well I just finished Ikkaku Bankai...so I'll definitely be there with that. I also have the spear version of his shikai and I'm detailing a bokken with sheath for his zanpakto. The catch with the bankai is that I'm not doing the open chest...because it attaches to a rucksack frame for ease of carrying, the frame has black straps which should blend in with the costume nicely.
  4. That's ok, any General Leo is better than no General Leo. I've never seen anyone cosplay him. Actually FF6 cast is somewhat rare.
  5. Cool, I'll just stay there from the Bleach photoshoot. If there are FF6 characters at the con, I'll find them. In another topic someone said they're coming as General Leo. There's a pic I need.
  6. I believe I've PM-ed you about Mog, but I just wanted to say again...YAY!!! ^o^
  7. Anime Bleach (up to 224) Manga Bleach (up to Ch 362; got volume 1-26, 27 is out) Fate/Stay Night (got volume 1 and 2, 3 is out, 4 comes out otakon week) Gunslinger Girl (up to Ch 59; got volume 1-6 no release date on 7 yet) Gunslinger Girl Il Teatrino should be on DVD in August 18 I think
  8. Wow that's one I haven't seen before. When you get there make sure a bankai ikkaku takes your picture. Must...have...picture.
  9. Back in 2004 and 2005 there was a girl who came dressed as King Dedede from Kirby. She had the huge hammer too. At katsukon in 2006 there were 4 people who went dressed in 4 sided boxes with the FF6 characters drawn pixel by pixel on their box to look 16 bit. That alone was worth the 500 mile trip. http://i38.photobucket.com/albums/e130/kan...9-R1-022-9A.jpg
  10. Personally I'm a one costume guy...litterally. I've been Ikkaku at the last 5 conventions I've been to. Now I'm tackling the big prop...his bankai. I'm working diligantly on the back blade which is pretty big, I had to scale it down a bit to make it fit in the car. The glow-in-the-dark paint should be in tomorrow. I don't know exactly how much time at the convention I'll be carrying it because of it's shier size. I'll probably do my shopping before getting it out for sure. It is going to be rigged up to a backpack frame so I won't exactly be carrying it the whole time, but it is
  11. I've been going to Otakon since 04 but this year is the first time we'll be spending thursday night there. The plan is to pick up our badges thursday. I'll be prepared for a long wait outside. Something for people to keep in mind is that while drinking too little water causes problems (dehydration can be fatal) drinking too much water also causes problems (Hyponatremia which is where you dilute the sodium from your body and it also can be fatal). I prefer to alternate between water and gatorade, last year I carried around beef jerkey which worked pretty well. Remember when you sweat
  12. I'm going as ikkaku again, since I do martial arts I have a real hakama, gi pants, and two gi tops. I hope to have the bankai done by then. I need to check on chicken wire tomorrow. I already have all of the other materials...except for the glow-in-the-dark red paint.
  13. That'd be good, you'd probably need more plastic bottle containers since they're what's sold most often. Regardless it doesn't matter how many bins they lay around if no one empties them all weekend.
  14. Character: Madarame Ikkaku Anime: Bleach Number of Props: 1 Prop Name: Hozukimaru (as the spear) Percent Complete: 100% I'm going as Ikkaku once again. Most of his costume was easy as I do martial arts. So I already have the hakama, and uniforms. It's a black pair of gi (martial arts uniform) pants (10oz with a pocket), a white gi top (6oz), a black gi top over that (also 6oz), a black hakama, a white sash and there is a little face paint. The prop which looks like a spear with a burgundy tassel on the bottom, from end to end it is 6' long. The worst part is that it's hot, f
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