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  1. These surveys are fun to fill out
  2. The Renissance Hotel(location 12) still has rooms it the Otakon Block.I got two of em
  3. If you have a check card or Credit Card, you can reserve the room now. There is no money taken out of your account until you check in at the hotel. You can even cancel up to a couple days before the convention depending on the hotel (some hotels you can cancel the day of, some need at least 24-72 hours advanced notice).
  4. so in other words, get your room's fast. I just hope theres some left when i get my taxes back, thats when im getting the rooms and the pre-reg for badge
  5. I heard that all the hotels in Baltimore are out of rooms? Any truth behind this?
  6. I just wanna see the movie just to see how bad it is,who knows...it may surprize us all. I don't think I'd waste my Con time watching it tho
  7. I'm not really sure Kodomo no Jikan would be appropriate. Tho i do gotta say,you had some good titles listed.
  8. Thursday I'm planning on starting early. Probably get up around 6:30 and head out for the Hotel around 7 in the morning. Friday-Sunday I'll get up about an 60-90 minutes before Con starts.
  9. If I'm correct,there probably won't be witchblade this year because I think they had it as a choice last year.
  10. I'm expecting some tags based on newly released anime. Lucky star or Haruhi would be awesome
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