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  1. Hotel-based cons have options we do not when it comes to space. The Otakon dance has a much larger number of people to manage and for various practical reasons we need to be kicking folks out of the BCC by 2am. Heck, we kick most of our staff out by then. As the guy who, for two years running, was the last one out of the BCC at night (at 330 or 4am), I don't see it being particularly easy to extend that -- especially when most of the city shuts down at 2am. While some venues can stay open, we may well be up against city ordinances and noise rules. I'm sure that our planners will *ask* the Hilton about what's possible, but don't hold your breath for a much later thing.

    Remember, there's a TON of stuff that has to happen overnight, too -- cleanup most notably. Dance gets pretty messy, and pretty stinky too, and it needs time to air out, because that space must be ready for use the next morning by 8:45am.

    I am curious, though: Which cons run their dance party til 3am?

    AUSA and Katsucon ran their dances til sometime around 3am these past ones.

  2. Just the honest truth, mate lol. Cold, hard, factual. Nothing to do with bad luck at all.

    If it's an actual fact then why do I know about three couples who met at convention? And have a pile of friends I found at conventions. If you want to make friends, or find a relationship, you might want to work out some of that bitterness you've got going.

    And anyway, where'd the topic go?

  3. A couple years ago my group got in line around 4 o'clock and the line was already circling the building, we all had sketchbooks and game boys and what not, we met a whole bunch of people in the line that we bumped into quite a few times through out the con, including a guy who stayed in a full chewbaka (sp?) suit for hours and hours... don't know how the guy survived the heat.

    The years I haven't gofered I've always gotten in around noon, gotten a footlong at the subway in the Gallery, saved half, and gotten in line.

    And I know it's beating a dead horse... but water. Lots and lots of water. Enough water that you'll say "Bah. I'll never drink all of this."

  4. Hilton Baltimore from $194 per night--- this is the new one thats connected to the convention center

    I find it rather shocking that this hotel still seems to have alot of rooms left. I would have thought that it would sell out fairly quickly since it is connected to the con center and I think that some Otakon things are going to be held in it.

    From what pictures I've seen--I'm not local, so I can't actually confirm this--the new Hilton's pretty tiny and has way less rooms than the other hotels in the Inner Harbor. Google says there are 183 guest rooms in the building, compared to the Sheraton's 337, the former Wyndam's 707, the Holiday Inn's 375, or the Day's Inn's 263. Color me confused as to how they're finding so many rooms to give away, too.... I just hope mine's there for me when I get there!

    I really hope they don't over sell their rooms O.o Luckily my reservation is directly through the hotel and prepaid so there's no chance they can bump me.

  5. I believe Priceline still has the Sheraton City Center for $139 a night

    I doubt $1 really makes a difference, but...

    That $1 could be the difference between you and a nice big bowl of ramen noodles

    And considering the price of hotel food and NOTHING being open at 2 a.m. that ramen is a necessity :P

  6. Just out of curiousity, when was the Hilton offering double bed rooms for the same price as Passkey offered? I've been checking in with the Hilton fairly often since September & the lowest rate I've been quoted is $228/night & that's if you pay for the room in advance. Otherwise it's from about $259 & up ratewise.

    Thus why I reserved my room thru Passkey, even though I'm still contemplating whether I'll keep it or not due to no guarantee that they'll honor my request for 2 beds. Also I truly doubt I'll be able to get any Hilton Honors points for my stay due to the fact that it was reserved thru a 3rd party.

    it was about 2 weeks ago, i still have the confirmation email if you want to see. i think hotel caught onto the date and jacked the rates up, i just happened to grab it at a lower rate before it went up

    The rate went up because the only rooms that are left are the upgraded view rooms, the ballpark and harbor view rooms. The regular ones are all gone. I got a room at the 198 rate months ago directly through Hilton. I was happy to pay the 30 bucks or so to guarantee a two bedded room.

  7. Hotel totals can run anywhere from 200 to over 2000. All depends on how close you want to be, how nice of a hotel you're looking for, how many nights you're staying and that sort of thing. Just remember that whatever base rate you find, like the Hotwire 84 dollar rate and what not, will have the outrageous hotel tax and assorted other hotel fees may be tacked on later.

    Each year hotels have run around 750 for me for Thursday through Sunday, which is then split between 3 to 8 people. If you'd really like to get an idea on prices I'd recommend just looking through Orbitz and Priceline and such looking for the total rates that include tax.

  8. @onsenmark: I see that your location is southeastern, VA - there is another con down there called Nekocon. They are located in Hampton, VA. That con is coming up, I think, in june.

    But still definately try and make it to otakon!

    IIRC, Neko is usually held around early November, but don't hold me to that.

    *checks website, just in case*

    Yup, November 6-8 this year. ^^;

    Anime Next is in June in Somerset, NJ. ^.^

  9. Katsucon 15 was my first con and I will go to Otakon! I bet it's going to be awesome!!! Newbies FTW!!! :(

    w0000000000000t XD

    If Katsu was your first con, then Otakon is gonna be a HUGE, but pleasant, surprise ^.^ Having been to otakon three times now, AUSA twice, and Katsu once.... I've gotta say Otakon is a completely different experience from any of them. Hope all of you enjoy your first times coming!

  10. My cosplay plans have changed up a bit. I've finished up a girl version of Grimmjow cosplay that I'll hopefully have ready in time for Katsucon too. The Yoko cosplay I had planned is having some issues, namely the rifle being evil to get together... and me being out of shape and not quite sure I can pull off the shorts ;)

  11. If you were the gofer L with all the stuff then yes I saw you, and played that weird murderer game. I think I might have a couple pictures, but I'll have to breath life into my near dead mac to get to them. So I might have them to you in a bit :)

  12. I've got my friend Mari... and a bunch of failtastic friends who're all too poor or busy to manage the trip (really how is studying abroad in New Zeland more important!? -sarcasm-) Hopefully I'll be able to find a couple friends to tag along, and if not... well I'll be scouting the boards for room buddies shortly. :)

  13. I absolutely adore this show and it's manga. ^.^ There are a bunch of hilariously awesome fanartists on DeviantArt. I was devastated when I found out the show had been canceled ): There was a Korean group who was angry and offended over the Korean character's portrayal (even though as far as I know he's not even in the show =/ )

  14. I'm gonna try for a bad ass girl version of Grimmjow, still debating dyeing my hair or using a wig. I had a horrid time with pink and I'm thinking blue will be just as bad. I made the baaaaad decision to make my own hakama. All I have to say is that knife pleats come strait from the devil. My practice pair came out perfect, then I got some nice fabric... and can't seem to get it right again. Any tips on hakama making would be greatly appreciated.

  15. This sounds insanely strange, but the Backstreet Boys and Cake.... Somehow in my brain backstreet was connected with the time in my life when anime was all new to me. So throw on some backstreets back and I'll start busting out the dragon ball z and cowboy bebop quotes... And cake is more just tradition, being trapped in a car with five people who can't sing but belt out Nugget and the like like they're opera singer wanna-be's and there are some great memories to be had.

    They really keep you awake :) especially if you cant stand backstreet...

  16. I don't know much about commissioned wigs, but I've bought wigs from these people before and been very happy with the quality.


    I can second that recommendation, they're very good quality wigs and fairly priced. They're really good about lost packages too.

    I ordered the super long 42" red wig and it was everything I hoped for. I requested they cut bangs into the wig for me since I can't cut hair at all and they were happy to customize it for me (for a reasonable fee).

  17. Mhm, I dunno...I've heard the fabric dye doesn't cause much of a change in color, and can sometimes bleed down onto the costume...and since it's FABRIC dye, that'd be badddd. @___@

    I dunno. I think I'll test out a little bit of the ink on, like, the underside of the wig...or deep inside it, like, near the 'scalp' part...I mean, it'll all be black eventually...

    I've even heard of Sharpie working for some. =O Wonder if that would work...

    I've never used sharpie on a wig, but at an AUSA panel I went to they said wasn't good for much more than detail chunks since it can rub off onto costume and everything else. Since most synthetics are plasticey it doesn't sink in or anything.

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