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  1. I've never used sharpie on a wig, but at an AUSA panel I went to they said wasn't good for much more than detail chunks since it can rub off onto costume and everything else. Since most synthetics are plasticey it doesn't sink in or anything.
  2. It would depend on what kind of synthetic material it is, some can be dyed with regular liquid fabric dyes, some you can't really do anything without destroying it, and others work best with homemade dyes. I definitely think the fabric dye would be a safer bet than the ink though. If little bits of the wig could be spared or a cheap wig of the same synthetic obtained, trial and error is the best way to figure out which method to use since wigs come in so many varieties what's best changes case by case.
  3. I'm up to 9500 words now. Quite proud of myself, even if much of it doesn't make sense.
  4. I'm in the middle of outlaw star for about the billionth time. I've got my 95 dollar box set from back in the day that's been watched so many times some of the discs get a bit moody. I'm in the middle of Gurren Lagann too. I haven't managed to snag the third volume yet, meant to at AUSA but NO ONE had it except one dealer who was way over charging. Also semi in the middle of hellsing..... I watched the first four episodes like 2 years ago and haven't quite gotten around to all the rest... I really should gget on that.
  5. Oh definitly yes. I tend to lean more towards the oldies (outlaw star being one of my all time favorites) so I'd love to have an oldies night just so I could meet more people who are into them. So few people seem to like them nowadays. And a yaoi room... I don't think I could ever leave.
  6. I'll be staffing ausa at registration, so chances are I'll see at least a few people from Otakon. My first time staffing a convention so I'm rather excited.
  7. O.o Can't wait to see this at next years Otakon. I would definitely go for fiberglass or something similar with something like this, at least for the large panels and over all structure. Cardboard and craft foam always seem to have issues when you start using them for full suits of armor and things of this scale.
  8. Half.com is my savior, I managed to get all the books I needed for about 1/8th of the evil bookstores costs.... so I'm still in financial ruin, but not quite as deeply as I thought I would be.
  9. I usually try to go to the small businesses rather than chains, they pay more and usually have much nicer employee policies, and more often than not will hold your job for you for the next summer. I'm lucky enough (or unlucky enough to need them) to have two jobs right now. And in a week or so I'm adding being a full time student to the list.
  10. There are a couple people on the AUSA forums offering rooms, last I saw one room had two spaces left.
  11. Someone threw pocky off the balcony into the crowd by the fountains at otakon last year, I was trying to get pictures of the Hellsing group and *smack* box to the face. I was ecstatic.... til someone stole the box before I could grab it.
  12. *sigh* I wish I could make it out to yaoicon... I've been trying to save up and get airline tickets and such for two or three years now and haven't managed it yet.... Next year! Hopefully For the most part I'm limited to mid-atlantic cons. =/
  13. I'm thinking of adding Viral from Gurren Lagan to my list (I'm absolutely in love with the series right now)... Though realistically I'll probably end up with 26 or some odd insane number of gofer hours and not wear them like last year.
  14. Wow.... that's pretty terrible... I made the mistake of not paying close attention to my spending and spent all my money for books (all 500 of it) and went back to work only to be told that my hours were going to be cut in half. So otakon has left me without books and completely broke (as it does pretty much every year) and now I make just enough to cover bills.... who needs food and gas? Not me. And books for college? nope, I've got a mountain of manga to read, they would only collect dust anyway. ><
  15. I saw the topic about Katsucon 09 and was wondering who will be going to AUSA this October (omgsh so soon... so much planning to be done). I'll be there, volunteering again and hopefully with crash space, and maybe just maybe cosplaying Yoko from Gurren Lagann. So who's going/cosplaying/vonluteering/in the hotel and all that fun stuff?
  16. This is my first year going to Katsucon. I'll be volunteering, and if I get crash space I'll be in the hotel, otherwise I'll be commuting. If I have the hours off I'm going to cosplay as lenalee for a bit, but chances are the con will own my soul in much the same way otakon did this year. I had so many plans for cosplays and fancy outfits and ended up in a pie tshirt, slippers, and ripped up jeans on Saturday.
  17. Hmmm... so much stuff. -Gurren Lagann Vol. 1 -22 assorted Doujinsh (bleach, gravitation, samurai champloo, FF VIII, Saiyuki).... cost me like 400 dollars ugh... doubled my collection though... -6 yaoi mangas -A katana, I don't need anymore... but it's become a yearly tradition to find the cheapest one I can on Sunday, I've never paid more than 15 for something that was 50 or more the day before -Kamina figure -a few vinyl stickers -a riding crop (I needed one for actually horse type stuff and it was pretty ) -Bleach tea mug thingys -Cell phone panda charm -Panda eared h
  18. I've started planning and putting together my Yoko costume for next year (I have a guinea pig named Boota I really wanna bring along... but that would be a horrid idea ). I have everything picked out and planned (except the rifle... it's proving difficult)... I'll definitly be using my Lenalee costume since I was all excited this year... and then forgot my wig at home.
  19. I was the girl who handled your registration, so I saw you. No pictures though, sorry (I really wanted one though, Donut is my idol). Did you get your costume fixed up so you could move? You seemed to be having major issues at reg.
  20. Place: Brookshire Suites Number of People: 4 on thursday in a standard room and 6 on fri/sat in a suite Hotel Staff: The staff at the desk is uber friendly, they gave me all the keys I wanted, told me about the 10 dollar fee, upgraded me to a suite without cost because of booking misunderstandings. The people at the reservation hot line were anything but helpful. They gave me conflicting answers about adding people to the receipt, when I asked about a week before the trip exactly what type of room I would be getting I was told that I would have a suite, only to arrive and find out th
  21. And let's not forget, wandering through the mall thinking "where are all the cosplayers?" or waking up wondering where you are because your room doesn't look like the hotel your supposed to be in.
  22. Lots of the older stuff seemed to be given away to the gofers. I had about 4 free 05/06 shirts from sitting in gofer pool and from the little grab bag perk. I think some people got hats too.
  23. most of the other three day cons are worth going to and often don't end up costing NEARLY as much as otakon (especially if you volunteer and get crash space and reimbursement) AUSA last year was pretty good, it had a decent dealers room, nice artist alley, a bunch of interesting panels. Not quite at otakon's level but fun none the less. I've already got three cons planned in between now and July. I couldn't survive without them
  24. A gathering would be great for tieing things up. The way it usually ends feels like stepping off a cliff into the real world. The place where the street performers gather would make a good spot. I was totally bummed on Sunday this year because my hotel changed my check out time from 4 o'clock to 11 and gave me 20 minutes notice. Lost a good two hours of the day and missed one of teh last panels I wanted to go to.
  25. I totally know what you mean... I wasn't even out of Baltimore yet and I was already sad that it was over, I'm still trying to shake off a bit of the depression. I got excited when I found out next year was in July and that I wouldn't even have to wait an entire year, and then getting a hotel all early helped a bit more. My friends will be sick of my whining about otakon being so far away within a week or two. I won't stop until sometime around oh... July 16th.
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