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  1. I spent all of last night checking the site every hour on the hour, my credit card was in a friends van so I couldn't make my reservation til they decided to pity me and drive over to my place. Was absolutely terrified the Hilton would book up. It vanished and came back like three times, when I finally got my card the Holiday Inn was back so I saved myself a good 150. I'm still hoping to see the days inn pop up again and change my reservation.

    If you mess with the dates a bunch some hotels have one bedded rooms available one night and two bedded on other nights. If you go through and do night by night reservations insted of your full stay more hotels pop up. Might just have to switch rooms in the hotel.

  2. Well... already my costs are up around 1250.

    Costumey clothing type things.... 540

    Hotel.... 650 (which may be made up if I find some roommates)

    And of course registration... 55.

    For the convention... I have 500 dollars budgeted for the DR and AA... and another 170 for food, gas, and parking (though really... chances are the food money will go to the dealer's room). I'll probably end up spending more than that... (last year I spent close to 750 by Saturday night) and if i do... well... who needs books for college anyway?

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