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  1. Ugh. I last posted Dec 10th. Since then, in Jan, I lost my job (Circuit City) And have been unemployed since. ugh... I feel like I jinxed myself. >.>
  2. News item isnt workin for me. I clicked in the forums too, and got some giant error message. o.o' I cant wait to pre-reg. I see its up. I wonder where that guest announcement is alabaster.
  3. Me and my friends are local and all, but when we drove to the lightrail/to get food/get stuff/paychecks/banks/whatever, we mainly jammed to j-rock and Ayu Trance albums.
  4. I went as Shunsui Kyoraku beacuse : I love BLEACH. I have very long hair. It was easy to make. Took a few starting tries, but me and my mom figured the best way was to use a bathrobe pattern. It was cheap. The entire cosplay only set me back 120 in materials, swords, hat, etc. I had a lot of fun. Lots of people loved my costume. I'd personally say I was one of the best looking ones there, as every other Kyoraku I saw had the costume from eBay, which looks horrible. It was a fun learning experience. Took me and my mom 3 weeks from start to finish. Espically the pink robe, l
  5. I cant wait. 7 months, 12 days! I wonder when the sites gonna flip this time.
  6. I plan on getting a second job this year to cover my Otakon spendings and other things. Past two years, I grabbed together all the computer stuff in my room, built it together and sold it all off on Craigslist to pay for Otakon stuff. First year (2007), I didnt end up with too much, as I also had to fix my iPod. 2008, I ended up with a lot more money, but then bought a lot of materials to make a cosplay, batteries and such for my camera, and a new PSP charger (lost my old one) so I got there with about 200 or so.
  7. Marbell - Sister CD (Got it autographed) Kon Wallscroll Haruhi Suzumiya Bunny Girl Wallscroll Kon Fleece Hat Some Helen Zhang artwork and chibis (I <3 me some Helen Zhang ^^) Applegeeks Poster, Hawk's Sketchbook, 5x7 Print
  8. Hopefully someone will record and put em on Youtube. I live in the Baltimore area, but told Comcast to f*** off when Verizon rolled FiOS in the area. :3
  9. Yep, I know Bobbi. I also know David. He's kind of a *********.
  10. I love medieval times! i went there for my birthday and had a blast. thats awesome that you work there..... are you the knight with the long hair in a ponytail? oh wait, that's like everyone
  11. My PSP + Crisis Core, my iPod video, and my two best friends.
  12. Wake up. Wake up my homies if they're not up. Shower, eat breakfast. Talk with them about what we want to do today at con. Get into my cosplay. Get in his car, drive 5 minutes down the road to the GB Light Rail, park, hop light rail, get off at con.
  13. Work on my costume, pack all my stuff up and doublecheck everything. Finish selling these computers and stuff on Craigslist for otamoney. As well as a Core2 Extreme CPU. (Intel Retail Edge FTW.) Get badge on Thursday, go to their place (They live right around the corner from the GB lightrail station), get on WoW for a bit, crash, wake up uber early, shower, get ready, get in costume, head out. Rinse and repeat for Sat and Sunday. What was highlighted in bold everyone should do, so no one has to whiff some BO.
  14. The two best friends a guy could ask for. Though me and her are cosplaying, and hes not. She said hes gonna cosplay as a doofus. XD
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