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  1. i had a friend online a couple years ago who told me about it, so i asked my mom and she took me and one of my other friends. we went on saturday, and i wanted to go see L'arc, but my mom wouldn't stay late for it. but ever since it's been a habit of mine to go back.
  2. since i'm not in charge of my group this year ( I decided i needed my sanity) i actually haven't been that busy. i already pre-registered so here's what i'm donig in the next couple of weeks: - waiting for the dress and shoes i ordered to arrive - still waiting for my exam scores - acutalyl putting together my outfits for all 3 days - waiting for some kind of sign that my gofer registration form was accepted - working an average of 30 hours each week at the grocery store - babysitting an average of ten hours a week for a demon child - trying to learn the lyrics to 2 s
  3. ok well my first coupld of otakon i got in line on friday to get my badge. it was sheer torture and i was bored beyond belief because i didn't hav anything to do and i was still very young so i refused ti talk to the people around me. NOW it's all better! thursday lines aren't that bad. the other lines are another story.if theres something you really wanna go to, duh show up early. last year i got in line 3-4 hours early for the concert and 1-2 hours early for the AAA panel, and another 1-2 hours early for the sunday autograph session. needless to say i did do alot of line waiting.
  4. change of plans, most likely i will be rooming iwth one of my old friends from middle school. we originally going to room together, but then she like dropped off the face of the planet so i thought she wasn't going. i was wrong. today she texted me asking if we were still roomies cause her mom was ooking the room, so lnog as i pay for one night. but i feel kinda bad since my brother was nice enough to say he would stay with me ..>.<
  5. unfortunately, technically i am going all by my lonesome self. the original people i was going to go with either stopped talking to me, and one moved to CHICAGO, so i was left all alone *cries*. but my older brother is going to room with me in the hotel and drive me since i'm underge. at the actual convention i plan on gofering, but when i'm not donig that hopefully i'll be with my best friend who's going with her entire family!
  6. Hi everybody! ok, i feel really dumb for having to do this, considering i've been going to otakon for the past 4 years, but i only stopped in the cafe once. so......... my questions are: can we sing any song we want, so long as it's japanese or related to anime? does it have to be on CD or IPOD? does the song have to be a karaoke version or can it just be normal? thanks! >.<
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