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  1. I, too, am a big Silent Hill fan. And since I am among friends I have a question is there really no soundtrack made for the movie Silent Hill? I really love the movie, in fact it's one of my favorites and I think it was awesome, but one of my friends told me there was never an official SH movie soundtrack released. I mean I know most of the songs are from other SH games, but did they really never release them all together? Cause that's stupid. And a major bummer ):
  2. ooooo I registered. Cool beans. I'm so glad I can go this year (:
  3. I'm so worried about money...I planned a beach trip two weeks before the con. Silly silly silly!
  4. This is an absolutely brilliant idea. So, how will you pass out the map? I won't be a pokemon but I'd love to participate as a photographer. Is there anyway I can casually participate? Like, do I have to walk around with the Pokemon Snap group?
  5. This is fantastic that I found this topic... Haha, for the past few months I have been having these strange, long dreams all pertaining to Otakon in some way. They're not necessarily bad, just strange. For example, in one dream I was somehow hindered from getting to Otakon until late on Saturday...I got there with my boyfriend and was very unhappy I mad missed the majority of the con. Then I met with all my "Otakon buddies" (this is what I called them in the dream--they were people I have never met before) and I was all set to cosplay and discovered that I didn't have my cosplay. So we someh
  6. I need to finish Gurren Lagann. It's so good!
  7. I think it's tough to decide what anime should never have been made. I mean there's SO MUCH OUT THERE. I agree with what was said earlier, that it's really a matter of taste. For me, I enjoy pokemon the game. The show? Not so good. I also agree that some of the main anime people are dissing were huge in bringing anime to America. Sailor Moon and DB are huge. They impacted history! And of course looking back on it they may have seemed silly, but that's only now that we have cool suff like...naurto I mean all the cool anime out there... Besides, a lot of old stuff gets a bad rap after
  8. So much to do and watch and make and save and ahhhh it seems like only a matter of daysss!!!
  9. I've been considering my cosplay for months now. I feel silly though, as I haven't made a decision ): As usual, Jack Skellington will be making an appearence. I have to fix his pants though--I reworked the costume last year and I didn't like it nearly as much. Which is a bummer, because now that means I have to go back and fix pants that I salvaged sequins from At this point, there's like a 20% chance of a Sally being with me. I have the materials to make a killer custom-done Sally costume, but my two friends that could go with me and be Sally either can't go or don't want to wear a
  10. I just started Ergo Proxy and it's FANTASTIC. FMABrotherhood aswell. Though I'm a few episodes behind. If you're looking for something beautiful, compelling, and just plain awesome, watch Gankutsuou. Not nearly enough people have seen it, and it's amazing (:
  11. I'm so bummed...I GO to Towson and I couldn't make it last year... I'll definately try for this year though. I'm glad it went well (:
  12. Otakon is one of the highlights of my year. I wouldn't miss it (:
  13. That makes sense. You can't be like, jumping people. No good. And I read that in the FAQ, just after I posted that Solicitation accusations aside, Thursday is still pretty fun
  14. LoveloveloveloveLOVE Silent Hill I've been considering a Silent Hill nurse cosplay (:
  15. Strangest thing I ever saw had to be like 2 years ago with Gangster Barny. It was weird, because he and Brian from family guy got into a fight. Gangster Barny.
  16. You lined up Wednesday night?! do a lot of people do that? I thought it was only a handful of brave souls that did that I was wondering about the getting out of line thing......... it's good to see that you can run to a bathroom or CVS so long as the people behind you don't mind. Is the line watched over by staffers? I ask this because I was in line for a masquerade at a con, got out of line to use the bathroom, and then I tried to get back in and had problems with a staffer. I was able to get back in line because the people behind me didn't mind. Would something like this happen Thursda
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