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  1. It was truly truly epic. It definitely needs to be done again even though it killed your voice. It was worth it. I wish we had the video from that!
  2. I spent a good chunk of my con in that room. (I was the Sailor Pluto seen running across the screen in the Flute Link video) It was a ton of fun and I'm ecstatic to think that it may be coming back for '09. I think the non-stop rave mix was a very nice touch except when they blew the amp and Esca was doing beat-box with Emmy and I on the maracas/tambourine. Overall I think it was awesome to the max.
  3. Have you seen me? Chcolat from Sugar Sugar Rune? http://www.cosplay.com/photo/1677469/ Sailor Pluto? http://www.cosplay.com/photo/1677448/
  4. Maybe Sunday. Saturday and Friday are a little hectic for me.
  5. YES!!!!! ZOMG!!!!!! /end spasm I need those precious precious MPP to evolve some of my pins. I was just thinking that I definetly need to bring my DS this year. It will be hard to get 100% completion without this con. Or at least take me a VERY long time. That and I love Tin Pin Slammer.
  6. I'm going as Sailor Pluto muself. There are some gathering times set up. FRIDAY AT 11 AM. SATURDAY AT 2PM. INDOOR FOUNTAINS =)
  7. Interestingly enough guess who is coming to Otakon? Just announced Michael Sinterniklaas!
  8. I'll probably be searching for people to play Tin Pin Slammer (The World Ends With You), So I can get those precious Mingle Points.
  9. I wouldn't mind being interviewed depending on the time. So much going on at this con for me.
  10. Me and my friends spend so much time at the Otacafe. It's a great spot for chilling. I'm really wondering what songs I will do this year.
  11. My husband and I had the pleasure of attending a demonstration by one Iron Chef Morimoto Last year! it was TRULY AMAZING AAAAND......I got to eat one of his amazing creations! That being said, we are very well versed in Japanese cooking (not just because of that, because my husband is a chef and worked in a Japanese restaurant for about five years). Panel apps still open?
  12. OK. I get the Baltimore news where I live and here's the scoop. The man not only murdered his 3 kids, all age 6 and under, he drowned them. One of the single most terrifying was to die in my opinion. The wife was trying to get a permanent protective order on the soon to be ex-husband on the grounds that he had stated to her that he would indeed kill their 3 children and himself so that she may never get to see them again. Unfortunately the Judge had decided that this was not enough grounds for the order and let the man go scotch free. We are hoping that the Judge gets sanctioned however t
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