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  1. I am debating on Gene Starwind or Van. Respectively, Outlaw Star or Escaflowne. I will have to make a decision sometime this month regarding which I'd prefer to cosplay as, so that I can begin making the costume. I'm 6'4", so I think I might be a bit too tall to cosplay Van.
  2. No, you're NOT screwed. That "3 trains a day" is ONLY for the Camden Line, and that's three trains each rush hour, morning and afternoon. The Camden Line is the one that drops you next to the BCC. If you should miss the Camden Line trains, you can just pop on to the MARC Penn Line trains, and they will scoot you up to Baltimore's Penn Station for the same $7. From there, it's another $1.60 on the Light Rail down to the BCC. All of this is covered in excruciating detail in our "All Roads Lead To Otakon" website, accessible from Otakon's home page via the "Directions" tab/button
  3. Otakon 2008 is going to be my 6th Otakon, and every single year after my first year of attendance I always thought it would be a great idea to have an entire panel on con-etiquette. I know that there's always mention of etiquette in the registration package, but I believe it would be an excellent idea to host an etiquette panel on the first day of the convention, allowing for the individuals that may be socially inept or newer to the con experience to see what's expected of them. I'd be pretty excited if people walked on the Right side of the halls, didn't stop in the middle of the crowded wal
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