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  1. I think avidly searching for love at Otakon wouldn't bode well for any brave soul. Not saying that it's impossible, but ya gotta think. Are you paying the registration to have fun or find a new possible boyfriend/girlfriend? If you happen to run into someone you like, that's cool. Go for it. But, I think your money will be best spent having fun and not thinking about it. Heck, I've witnessed relationships crumble at cons way too many times to search for love at one. I mean sure, the problems could have started WAY before the con, but still. Red warning signals still go off in my head abo
  2. I had some wacky cosplay ideas. And here they are! 1.) Barret Wallace from Final Fantasy VII.....as a bum. Complete with a "Will Save Planet For Food" sign. 2.) Shino from Naruto.....as a rapper. Complete with blinged out Konoha headband and shades. I'd also carry a microphone around. 3.) And Tamahome from Fushigi Yugi.....with an afro. Thus, Tamahomeboy. That's all I'm working on right now.
  3. The only anime that actually made me tear up a little was a particular scene in Fushigi Yugi. Due to the spoiler, though, I won't post what it was, but it was, hands down, the saddest thing I've EVER seen in ANY anime.
  4. I think that live action is pretty good. Two favorites that come to mind are IWGP And GTO. Well, I still kinda like the anime version of GTO better, but the live action version is still great.
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