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  1. I think the ballroom will be more suited for the rave, I've been to other Hilton hotels before and most don't let you enter the hotel if you don't show ur hotel key. Is not like they are going to stay quiet and don't do anything if ravers start making noise on the elevators or hallways. Progress shouldn't succumb to lack of manners, that's what security is for. I'm also staying at the Hilton by the way
  2. Passkey makes the reservation but won't sent it to the hotel until July 9th. You can cancel the reservation before that date directly with passkey through the reservations link. After that date you will be in the hotel system and you'll have to cancel with the hotel directly.
  3. I'm also watching vampire Knight and that's pretty much it. Got any recommendations for this season?
  4. Hana Yori Dango Movie! It should be out by then ^^
  5. Technically, as an outside booking, it shouldn't be possible ... but I found (at least I found back in the days of Wyndham) that when you call to confirm, if they don't ask/point out that there is no account associated, just ask if it was put in at the same time, and they will include the account for tracking. I may just go this route for next year anyway, because going back in to Passkey with preference changes seemed to open a bit more of the reservation for editing than I am confortable with.
  6. Well, if it's any comfort, the hotels themselves aren't full yet, so you could always get a room at the regular rate...for about another month or so. I was trying to get the days inn 120/night rate when it was available, but the site kept messing up and I can't reserve it now.
  7. Barret? from Final Fantasy VIII Google it ^^!
  8. Hi! I booked at Hilton from Friday to Sunday but I have a question! will my stay being booked through your site count to my hilton honors points? I know the post before mine says they do not think so but I just wanted to be sure! Thx
  9. Putting aside the fact that I came form Peru but it was not entirely for Otakon I will just count from the amtrak ticket.. $536 Including, Train, Hotel, Taxis, Dealer's room, food and tips ^^
  10. Ok! i booked the hilton from friday to sunday and the holiday inn from Thursday to friday @o@ it turns out the hilton IS sold out from Thursday.. evil people TOT
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