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  1. I wanna fill this out tooo -Personal Stats- Name (First name or Alias):: Pix Age:: I'll be 17 at the con Male or Female:: Female Do you need sleep at a con? At least a little bittt. Drink or smoke:: Nyet. Tell us about yourself::My 2nd Otakon and convention ever really. CAN'T WAIT *flail -Convention Stats- Do you go to panels? Depending on what's going on with itttt. Do you attend the dances/raves? OF COURSE!! They are fun awesomeness. Do you spend any time gaming? I'm not to great at video games but I always try until I lose at lea
  2. Meeting new random people is the best part of the con XD. I imagine if you just walked up to someone randomly you'd have a new friend. I hope to see you there somehowwwwww.
  3. I'm in the middle of sooo many showss >_< Witch Hunter Robin Code Geass The Meloncholoy of Haruhi suzumiya Chibits Eureka Seven and my friend let me borrow Wolf's Rain and then didn't have the last couple of episodes so there was some depression for awhile. ANDDDD I just bought one called Darker then Black *sigh* I have difficult times finishing things because I always want to start another one.
  4. Ohoh I'm gonna be Yuikoooooo...I hope we meet there cause it'll be funtastic...
  5. Okay okay I know this is like a fifth time I have changed my cosplay but two of them have been bought and I'm in the process of buying the third. Friday- Chrome Dokuro from Hitman Reborn (The one I'm in the process of buying. Saturday- Temari from Naruto Sunday- A Decora/Waloli kimono ^__^ The only thing that could change is the first one *crosses fingers* YEAHHH
  6. Haha I'd do it too but I'm gonna be Temari as well and it seems you have a lott of those alreadyy
  7. *pout* My friends who were gonna be Natsuo and Soubi aren't able to go TT___TT I'm sorryy.
  8. *raises hand* That sounds fun..and I can probably get a few more people to do it too I just have to ask ^__^.
  9. Ohoh...do you think you could give me a few cuts...just to look like I was in a fight but didn't really lose....just.................got beat up a bit...
  10. *sigh* I have changed my cosplay again...but this time it's the last time because everything is being made...and I don't know which days but..yes.. Temari from Naruto. A decora kimono thing... Yuiko from Loveless And that is my final decision...
  11. Yep yep...I told her that she wasn't going to be alone...but I told her just now..on Myspace so it will take awhile. But we are all planning on doing a Loveless cosplay...I was gonna Yuiko and my friends were gonna be Soubi, Ritsuka, Natsuo XD and possibly Kio.
  12. Yeah the second one...That...Do that..yes...Please....thank you muchly.
  13. Is there anyone who is going to be staying at the biltmore....because I don't want to be alone at the hotel with just my few friends dressed all funny XDD......Yes..
  14. Hey all my friends and I are gonna do a Loveless cosplay...and my one friend said she was upset about being Natsuo because she didn't have a Youji XDD...but you said your other friends were doing it *shrug* Now we alkl have to meet and dance and take Loveless pictures ^__^
  15. I just think that since it's a Japanese convention then it should have Japanese music. I mean....Thats kindof the point of going there....For me of course...^______^
  16. Haha I just love how it's in every single state but mine. XDD....>____<
  17. It's been 10 years since Hide from X Japan died everybody...and I'm sad and wore a lot of pink...* In mourn mode*
  18. So I've changed my cosplay yet again...and hopefully this'll be the last time. First I'm going to dress in a short kimono and combine it with the decora style. Then I'm going to be Hikaru form Ouran High School Host Club when he is the Cheshire cat. Last I'm gonna beeee...Lucy/Nyuu from Elfen Lied....
  19. Have you been there before? I was planning on going there or mount vernon if I didn't get anything closer, but being the foreign that I am, i've no idea how those hotels are or if I won't be getting any unpleasant surprises. If you could tell me your experiences I would be grateful .
  20. I got the Biltmore hotel...it's 12 blocks away...but....te were plenty of rooms at the time
  21. So sadly I have changed my cosplay...First I'm going on Friday as a mixture of Oshare kei and Visual Kei...so it'll be a short kimono with really long arms and...very bright accessories. Then o Saturday I'm going as Lucy from Elfen Lied...With her short hair....And then last on Sunday I'm gonna be Haruko from FLCL...ad hopefully I will not changed my mind 50 more times. ^___^
  22. Alright well.... Of course Grave of the Fireflies I mean who couldn't cry in that.... Death Note made me bawl. Haha the first pokemon movie XD and I beleive Fruits Basket...It is emotional pshh..and I think somehow it like hit something in my mom and I where at the same time we started choking. Those are the only ones I beleive.
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