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  1. I'm gonna be with my friends most of the time, but if you see me or are staying at the same hotel [Quality Inn Downtown] definitely stop and say hi. I've never actually spoken to a lot of people at conventions before so hopefully I can meet some cool people this year ^_^

    Name: Calvert [call-vurt] yeah, I know it's weird...

    Age: 18, 19 by Otakon

    Cosplaying As: Paula with a Ness [Earthbound] and Lina Inverse [slayers]


    * Anime/Manga

    * Drawing

    * Cosplay [though I'm not very good]

    * Reading [Fantasy, Mystery, Sci Fi mostly]

    * Music [Alternative, Rock, Hardstyle techno, Speedcore Techno, and J/K-Pop]


    * See above?

    * Tennis

    * Drama [Particularly musical theatre]

    Anything extra:

    Ummmmmmmm, you can contact me on cosplay.com. My screenname is DictatorForLife

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