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  1. *Examines the smoldering ruins of his bank account* It was a good account - full of life... then came OTAKON... it sucked the life from it, it did! Removed all vestiges of energy and worth... It's depleted! And I didn't buy a single thing for myself... again... ha ha haaaaa... I suck... Buuuuut... for the Mrs... at least 7 collectable mini figures (3 from ROBOT, 4 from TRIGUN), a Kato Nicholas D Wolfwood, a McFarlane Vash the Stampede, a copy of ROBOT Vol. 2 (Yay Range Murata), and a picture/print signed by Peter Beagle. As for my nephew, he got a Koga action figure,
  2. Hotel: Hampton Inn at Camden Yards Location: 2 Blocks west of BCC (Behind its larger, newer, but not opened yet sibling, Hilton at BCC) Type of Room: King Suite Pluses - Location location location - within tossing distance of the BCC, even with the Birds in town at the ballpark. Also, wanted 2 beds and a sofabed - could only reserve a single with sofabed - GOT the 2 bed with sofabed, save it was a smoker (non-smokers we be). TV with internet & Gaming capability, internet available in all modes (hardwired & wireless). Great service at all times. Nice pool with gym in the b
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