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  1. LOL, And here's a picture of somebody taking that picture... http://www.raymondandrews.com/misc/oh-yeah.jpg
  2. $1700 Hotel $300 Meals & Snacks $300 Shopping $100 Dealers ------ $2400 The hotel was a Two bedroom suite w/ kitchen (fit 6 people very comfortably) and worth it, if not as close as I would like
  3. If you reserved your room with credit card "A" and swiped credit card "B" at the hotel, then you should check and make sure they didn't just charge it to "A". I've had this happen to me with various hotels before, especially when the main office handles billing, they sometimes use their own information and not hotels. In any case, put that receipt in a safe place and be quiet
  4. I dont really care which designs they use, but please Otacorp, in the name of all that is good in the universe .... Print the tags on both sides !!! This would stop almost all of the logjams at every doorway where people are asked to flip over their tag to show the printed side.
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