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  1. Hey all, the time has come, and the emails have been sent out. The 10 contestants for this years Otaku Idol have been chosen, so if you sent in a demo song, check your email, and if you have an email with the subject "Congratulations, you've been selected for this years Otaku Idol!", you've been chosen for this years Otaku Idol(duh!) For those of you who were chosen, read the email, and follow the instructions that are included. For those of you who were not chosen, I really appreciate you all sending in your demo songs, the talent we has this year was excellent, and really hard to cho
  2. Sorry, I shouldve given myself and my staff a bit more time to listen to all your songs. I wasnt expecting 30 songs this year, so its taking us a little while longer to listen and decide who we want in the contest. Give us til this Friday or Saturday, and we'll send out the emails to the lucky 10 people. Again, thanks for your patience.
  3. Thanks to everyone who submitted a demo song, we have 30 total demo songs this year, more than we've ever had! Now comes the tough part, cutting 30 possible contestants down to 10. I will be spending the next week or so listening to your demo songs and conferring with our other Otaku Idol staff to narrow down our 10 contestants. Give us about a week or so, if you hear from me saying you are in the contest, congrats, you've made it! If you dont hear from me, that means you arent selected for the contest. Thanks to everyone who supports Otaku Idol, and to all those who submitted your
  4. So far so good everyone, I have a total as of 10:45 pm, 28 demo song submissions, so we have plenty to work from this year. Remember, if you havent sent in your demo song, you have until midnight tonight(eastern standard time) to do so. I'll be up til midnight tearing through my inbox accepting all your submissions.
  5. Send me the one with both vocals, if it sounds weird, I'll let you know. Just so you all know, there is just about one day left for you to send me your demo songs. I have 12 songs so far from contestant hopefuls, so in theory, we will have 10 contestants that will perform at Otaku Idol this year. (In the past, we've had problems with less than 10 people showing up at con for the contest, and even less than 10 demo song submissions) So far, this year looks to be pretty solid for singing talent, as well as something new that we're featuring at Otaku Idol this year, we'll have a guest Judge
  6. Just a reminder guys, the deadline for your demo songs is quickly coming up, you have a little less than a week to send in your demo songs. For those of you who have emailed me, thanks for your songs and interest in Otaku Idol. For those of you who havent, heres one thing that may clarify some common questions I've been getting in emails. Despite the Otaku Idol rules that say send me an email asking how to enter as well as where to find a submission form; there isnt an actual submission form this year, that was something from a previous year that wasnt taken out of the rules this year, so
  7. You just need to record one song for your demo song. Also, FYI, I've only recieved one demo song so far, and there's about a week and a half left before the deadline. If you want to be entered into the contest pool in hopes of getting into the contest, please get your demo songs in ASAP.
  8. Thurs Night - 10th Doctor from Doctor Who, with Giant Inflatable TARDIS. Fri - Guile(Black Variant) from Street Fighter 4 Sat - Vash the Stampede (Sinister Black Variant) from Trigun. Sun - Probably the 10th Doctor again.
  9. You audition with the demo song, so the 10 contestants are chosen before the con even begins. As for the day of the contest, It isnt set in stone yet, but usually we shoot for Friday evening. Hopefully it will be earlier rather than later, I dont want to have a later show like the past 2 years. When I know when the show will be, you will know. Again, this goes for everyone, please read the instructions and recording guide first before you shoot over a ton of questions, they are designed to answer most, if not all of your questions.
  10. No, you can use Audacity to record in mp3 or wav format. You would record a whole new song, if you wanted to.
  11. If the file is an mp3 or a wav file, then you can submit it. However, I cant take anything else other than those files. They should be pretty standard formats by now anyways. However, try using that program from the Otaku Idol section, Audacity. It works very well, and the guide is "so easy, even a caveman can do it." No, wait, thats Geico, but you get the idea.
  12. Hey everyone, the Rules and instructions on recording your demo song for Otaku Idol 09 are up on the Otakon website as of tonight. There is one slight mix up in the rules part. I will try to get it changed so the wording is not so confusing. This is what it says on the website(what needs to be changed is bolded and underlined): SUBMISSION PROCEDURE Email mikeflury[at]hotmail][dot]com for submission instructions. DO NOT EMAIL YOUR SUBMISSION TO THIS ADDRESS. Make sure to include your submission form with this email, and if available, a URL to download your submission. The b
  13. You probably want to go with a song that is in your vocal range, seeing as how your goal of the demo song is to show us what you've got and get you into the contest. I dont know what your range is, or what music you wanna sing, that's entirely up to you. If you wanna start somewhere in terms of looking for instrumentals for songs you might wanna try, try www.cdjapan.co.jp or http://www.yesasia.com/us/en/home.html. They have a good amount of singles which usually have the instrumental track included for artists.
  14. Hey everybody. Just letting you know the information on Otaku Idol should be up on the Otakon main website very shortly, just getting some minor touch ups and it'll be ready to go. Hopefully by the end of this weekend it will be in place, so get your demo songs ready to be submitted. There are deadlines that are in place, so please make sure you follow the instructions carefully. Good luck to everyone interested in entering, I look forward to listening to your demo songs soon!
  15. I'll bring my guitar, amp and some effect pedals, I've been working on a few MGS songs, nothing notable yet, but 3 months time, I can get a few songs down, hopefully. At the very least, I'll show up sometime to rock.
  16. Hey all, I've submitted the information that needs to be posted to the Otakon website regarding how you can enter for Otaku Idol 2009. I don't know when it will be posted, hopefully soon. However, I will make a thread on the BBS shortly that mirrors the information that will be on the Otakon website. If you have any questions regarding the contest entry when it gets posted, please feel free to reply in this thread.
  17. X or Standing Sex by X-Japan - Gets me psyched for anything I'm doing, specially driving. Creeping Death by Metallica Tribute by Tenacious D - It is the greatest and best song in the world after all. Omoide wa Okkusenman by GOM - Its Dr. Wily's theme from Megaman 2 with crazy lyrics. Nuff said. Thunderstruck by AC/DC Almost anything by M.O.V.E. from Initial D soundtracks - great driving music.
  18. The songs can be J-pop or J-rock, yes. As long as the song is sung in Japanese, yes. Personally, I'd like to see more J-rock this year, J-rock has been severely under-represented in past Otaku Idol contests. That doesnt mean Im giving preference to those who sing J-rock songs, I just wanna see more variety. As for the dates for accepting audition songs, soon. Im working on getting all the info posted to the Otakon website as soon as its ready, just need to tweak some stuff. Hopefully it will make it up there by the beginning of May.
  19. Not sure when I'll wear em, but here's what I'm planning: 10th Doctor(Doctor Who) Guile - Black and White Camo variant (Street Fighter 4) Vash the Stampede - Sinister Black Variant (Trigun)
  20. Dunno how you'd get the instrumental track for that song, Im not familiar with them. Your best bet is to search japanese music sites that have singles of the bands youre looking for. Typically, singles will have the instrumental version of songs, especially if the song is in an anime or video game. Try Yesasia.com or cdjapan.co.jp for singles, theyre usually pretty good with those.
  21. So, it can be like this: 1st round - Flow - Colors 2nd round - Hitomi Shimatani - Destiny 3rd round - Utada Hikaru - Simple and Clean Can you name any J-Pop artists ? Because I don't know any songs from video games. Yeah, that could work, seeing as how Colors is from Code Geass, Destiny is a Jpop song, and Simple and Clean is from Kingdom Hearts, albeit it would have to be the Japanese Version of Simple and Clean, Hikari.
  22. If the whole song is in English, no dice. That defeats the purpose of having a Japanese music singing contest, doesnt it. Again, read my prior post. If it has some english in it, like part of the refrain, thats fine, but the song cant be all or almost all in english.
  23. The way its been done in the past is first round you have to pick a song from an anime, second round is from a J-Pop/rock artist/group, 3rd round is a song of your choosing from either of those categories, meaning you can do a song from a J-pop/rock group, or a song from an anime. What I'd like to try doing this year is throw in something a bit different, at least for the 3rd round. If its plausible, since I dont know how well people would know stuff from this category, I'd like to include "songs from a video game" as an option for the 3rd round as well as either a song from an anime or J-pop/
  24. Hey Tyler, If you're looking for a musical act, if you dont have another one already in mind, or want an opening act or something, my band would'nt mind playing Tigercon 09. We're almost all local in terms of MD based, one of our guys is in Philly, but we would love to play for you guys. Check us out, www.myspace.com/eyedolu.
  25. Best way I've found to fix that problem is to try singing in front of a big mirror, so you can see yourself in it, that way, even though you know its you, you can see what youre doing when you sing, as well as get the idea of being watched while singing. Sounds a little creepy but hey, its better than going to a bar or something and going full out singing in front of strangers. That, or try singing in front of your friends, or family, if they understand what you're trying to do, they'll probably give you their honest opinions, as well as give you practice in terms of singing in front of
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