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  1. I dont really have any major tips for recording atm. Theres a whole thing I'll have to dig up for recording and such, it'd be easier to put it on the otakon website under Otaku Idol when it would go live for people to see. My major tips right now are just practice songs you like, preferably songs in your vocal range. It isnt really a good idea to try to sing a higher vocal song when you sing very low. If you understand music theory and vocal range, you should know what Im talking about.
  2. The earliest Ive seen someone line up for pre-reg was wednesday afternoon, if not a little earlier. Thats some dedication there. This year, I'll be walking the lines like I have the last few years. If you see a 10th Doctor with the inflatible TARDIS like last year, that'd be me.
  3. To answer your questions, as to if there will be an Otaku Idol '09, yes, we will hold it this again. Its been a little hectic for the OI staff, since I inherited the event from Jeff Kleist, the previous head of Otaku Idol. However, once I figure out where all the info is for the contest, I will submit it to our webmaster to post, hopefully this year the info will reach the right people and it will get posted; I know that was a problem for people last year, and thats why they got a little confused. As soon as I have the right info updated and such, I'll get things rolling with accepting d
  4. Bringing my Gibson SG and some effect pedals.
  5. Yes, I got yours, youre all set, Im just missing 4 more people's songs.
  6. May give a whole new meaning to "Splash Attack" from youtube.
  7. What, no Trigun gathering? Guess Trigun hasnt kept up here as much in America as it has in Japan. Oh well.
  8. I'll bring down the Tardis to the Alley, I'm sure it'd be a good piece to show off at the table for a little bit, while all the cosplayers are there.
  9. Sweet, just got my inflatible Tardis and Vash gun in the mail, so that nails down my two costumes, the 10th Doctor from Doctor Who and Black Vash the Stampede(kaiyodo toy version). The Doctor I'll wear on Thursday and Friday, Vash on Saturday and maybe Sunday, I may also bring my Axel Steel costume from Guitar Hero 2 and wear it on Sunday.
  10. Congrats to all those who got into Otaku Idol 2008! If you have recieved an email from me as of 2:10 am on Thursday, July 31st(thats when I sent it, it may not be when you recieved it), you are in the contest. Please read the email thoroughly and send me back the info I requested from you in a timely manner. For those of you who didnt recieve an email, Im sorry, but you were not chosen for Otaku Idol 2008. That doesnt mean you were terrible or cant sing, it just means that we thought the 10 ten we picked we better suited to compete this year. You can always try out for next years co
  11. I'll be bringing my Gibson SG, a practice amp and some pedals and cables to play with sometime during the weekend.
  12. One last last thing I forgot to add. For those of you who have sent me your demo songs via Aim, please IM me back with your email address, so I can send you the acceptance email if you are picked for the contest. I would prefer you do this tonight, so I can compile the contestant list as soon as possible. Thanks.
  13. Just a reminder, today at Midnight(eastern standard time) is the last day you can send in your demo songs to me either via email or aim. I will be staying up til midnight tonight on aim, if you have to send it to me that way, I will be available, but I'd prefer it to be sent via email, if possible.
  14. I just got my inflatable Tardis in the mail, blew it up and it stands about 3-4 ft tall. Im pretty sure you guys cant miss it at con, I should have it on Thursday night pre-reg pick up and Friday for the photoshoot.
  15. One last thing, though I may have mentioned it beforehand. Once we pick our contestants, they will recieve an email from me saying they are in the contest. If you are under 18, there should be a wavier form on the Otaku Idol packet, whenever that is updated to the site. You'll need to bring that to the con for the contest signed properly by your parent or guardian. Also, when I send out the emails to the chosen contestants, you will need to send me back an email containing your 3 song picks and the karaoke tracks attached to the email, or have them linked with rapidshare or something like
  16. I'll have to check, but as far as I know, yeah you can. As long as you arent on duty during the contest. I'll double check and get back to you, but submit your demo song anyways, just in case.
  17. Just an update folks, you have 2 more days left to submit your demo songs to me via email or AIM. So far, I've recieved 5 demo songs from hopeful contestants, we need at least 5 more to make the minimum 10 people contest, so for those of you who dont think you have much of a chance of getting in, nows the time to send them in, since we may not get all 10 slots filled(it has happened before). Give it your best, and send me in your demo song by Tuesday at midnight. Good luck!
  18. Ive got 3 demo songs so far. I have yours, and 2 others. Hopefully I'll recieve more this weekend, but I expect the majority of what I project we'll recieve on Monday or Tuesday.
  19. Yup, you have til Tuesday, July 29th at midnight Eastern Standard Time to send in your demo songs to me via email or AIM. Email: Mikeflury@hotmail.com (Subject line: Otaku Idol 2008) AIM Screenname: MTGShadowMage02
  20. Usually its on Friday or Saturday night, anywhere from 8-10pm. This year, if nothing changes in our schedule, it should be on Friday night. Im not sure on the time just now, as the schedule is still being worked out, but if all goes to plan, it will be on Friday night.
  21. Just a reminder folks, you have 1 week to send in your demo songs to me via email or aim. I dont know if the packet for Otaku Idol will actually make it up to the Otakon website this year, but if it doesnt, we still are having the contest. If it doesnt get up to the website in time of the deadline, just follow the instructions I have provided on this thread.
  22. There isnt a set time length limit to the songs you choose, but we'd prefer you not make all your choices extremely lengthy. For instance, please dont choose songs like Art of Life by X-Japan, the 30 minute version. We'd be all night doing the contest that way. Theres a shorter, radio edit though, if you prefer that one. You should get my drift: Basically, there isnt a time limit, but dont abuse it to the extent that it would take away time for other contestants to perform.
  23. Your demo song should be the full song length. Think of it as the rest of your songs you would sing in the contest, they all need to be full length too.
  24. Ok, heres the link for the program we suggest you use to record your demo. http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ It should be pretty easy to use, and when the Otaku Idol packet is up on the Otakon website, it will have a few pointers on how to record and such, but it should be pretty self explanitory. If you absolutely, must have, need the packet information, in terms of how to record and such, I now have it available, so if you need it, you can email me for it, and I can send it to you. As for the deadline for the demo songs, the deadline is going to be July 29th, which is a Tuesday,
  25. I may have to show up to this sometime, I'll bring my SG, a practice amp and some effect pedals. I'd like to try and play H.T. from trigun, if anyone knows how to play it on bass, a second guitar or drums, could be cool to play with others.
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