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  1. Yeah, we'd prefer it if you can do your demo song in an mp3 format, and what I will do is contact the head of Otaku Idol today and see if he can give me the link for the free downloadable recording program we suggest you use, which will let you record in an mp3 format. I'll ask him for it and post it here, so you can record your songs, since I dont know when this packet for Otaku Idol is gonna be up. All that will tell you is how to use the recording program and basically everything I've told you above. Hope this helps, thanks for being patient with us, it always seems to be the case tha
  2. Your demo song should be recorded in an mp3 format, preferrably. Your demo song doesnt have to necessarily fall into the song from an anime category, but it must be a song that fits one of the categories as mentioned on my first post. Deadline for sending in demos: Im not sure yet, I will ask the Otaku Idol head and find out what the deadline was set to. It should be on the packet for Otaku Idol that will be up on the Otakon website, but I will get back to you on that asap.
  3. Yes, if you have a demo ready, please, send them in to me. You can send them to me via aim(MTGShadowMage02) or email them to me(mikeflury@hotmail.com). If you send it to me via aim, please contact me first before sending it to me, Im usually up from noonish til 8-9pm, depending on my days off of work. Wednesday and Thursday are my days off, so if you want to send it to me via aim, Im usually up around 9am, so you can send it as early as that on those days. If you want to email it to me, which is preferred, please make sure the topic is Otaku Idol 2008 Demo song. Include you name, name of
  4. We'd prefer that if you were to pick a song to sing, it would be a single singer, not a duet. Given this case, since part of the song is in Japanese and the other in english, it wouldnt work.
  5. You would have to sing the entirety of the song.
  6. It should be 10 people maximum, maybe less, depending on how many demo songs we get. We have had less than 10 before, but usually we shoot for 10 people.
  7. The packet should be just a regular page on the Otakon Website, but it may have a downloadable file for the recording program we suggest, that, or a link to dload it.
  8. So, Friday it is for a Photoshoot? Where and when. I'll be bringing an Inflatible Tardis, its about 3 ft tall.
  9. The pack on the Otakon website should be up very soon, I'll ask again about it later today and see why it isnt up yet. As for the emails, are you sending them to mikeflury@hotmail.com, and if so, please send it with the topic "Otaku Idol 2008", otherwise, my email may pick it up as spam. Also, this contest is for solo singers, no groups. Think of some other type of Idol show on TV, that bears no resemblance to this one, just with Japanese music. If you have the means of recording your demo song now, without the need for the packet, by all means, send me the demos via email.
  10. The 10th Doctor:Doctor Who Black Vash the Stampede: Kaiyodo Toy Version Axel Steel(Maybe): Guitar Hero 2
  11. I'll be there as the 10th doctor, probably on Thursday night badge pickup and Friday. You'll see me waving people thru the lines with my sonic screwdriver on pre-reg pickup thursday.
  12. Hey everyone, we're getting ready for Otakon 2008, and Otaku Idol is back again to entertain the Otaku masses. We should have the registration up soon, hopefully this week or next week. If you are interested in competing in Otaku Idol, here are some ground rules that you can use to prep yourself so that when the registration is open, you can send in your demo song for submission and hopefully you will be picked for the contest. Heres some basic guidelines for the contest: 1. Each person needs to send in a demo song to be judged to get into the contest. The song should be a Jpop/JRock or
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