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  1. i will be in line at around 7:00 ..... so i moght be in line for a little while
  2. I learned about anime back when I was in middle school and my friend Flo told me to watch this anime ( it was Wicked City and Trigun ). When I saw this I was like "wow, this is the best thing ever" and I asked where could I get more and then that
  3. with one week and 3 days to go i'm still working on my cosplay outfits and i need to make a list of the things i want to buy
  4. I will be going with my boyfriend .... lol its so funny he never went to a con before he meet me and didn't even know what anime was until we got together so this will be his 4th otakon and my 10th. and i hope to meet up with alot of my frinds that will be there as well
  5. i dont know of any places in dc that sells it >< can try a safeway they usually sell them but i do know places in baltimore =D
  6. Friggen sweet! I've seen you as Armstrong and it totaly works! He's my favorite character on FMA. Are you going to carry arround a boom box to play his theme song while you flex your muscles?
  7. i'm going as C. Viper from the New Street Fighter 2 , i'm soooooo happy we have that same body type and i love her <3 i'm also thinking about doing a female Tarry Bogard .
  8. lots of empty bags , I bring back sooooooo much stuff with me i never have enough room for it all
  9. I'm hoping for a cool Death Note badge, so far i have every badge for the past 9 years i have been going to otakon so this will be my 10th. <3
  10. hi i would love to do some kind of meet up and i'm on egl the name is tokietenshi keep me posted on what will happen i would really like to do a meet up.
  11. last year i had 2,000 , about 600 for hotel and about 100 for food the rest goes toward shopping and this year i feel that i will have about the same amount
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