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  1. Yeah... ZGL is pretty much right... Almost any and all types of questions have been asked and correctly answered somewhere on these forums and their very easy to locate normally XD

    Since youve already gone once and have gotten the hard part of preperation out of the way (beating the idea of the cons shear size into your skull) there isnt much more you can prepare for except for maybe learning about a few small details you may have missed along the way

    But then again every year is a new year and brand new and exciting events are always bound to happen so truely the only way to grasp these things is to see them first hand...

    I mean even I ( a few time con goer) have still never attended a panel becuase i was so busy with other things (which i plan on attending at least one this year along with obtaining a VA's autograph)

    But in all if you find your stuck on something dont even hesitate to ask the question here or on the Q&A section of the forums... you can expect a prompt and correct answer from the admins along with the extra 2 cents thrown in by random non-admin members ^_^

  2. Those "hotel ridden" cons is all I have been too, (Anime USA)

    so that is all I am going off of for my first Otakon trip.

    This forum has really helped me prepare for it,

    like throwing out the idea of trying to do everything :)

  3. ALso, if u havent notice yet, im a complete pervert, but dont mind me so much... just blame my dad hes the one who made me like that

    Well, when you go to a place with more exhibitionists per square meter than any where else on the east coast,

    some things are bound to happen.

    I like to take the approach of a polite pervert :)

    If someone is willing to show that much skin in a place with 25k+ people,

    then most of the time they will let you take a picture of them,

    as long as you ask politely.

    Either that or buy some good shades...

  4. HAHAAH.. thursday pre-reg line.. the only time me and the few people i come with are together... It is quite entertaining. I normally just have a cup of chilled ramen noodles as i wonder along with the line standers in front of me... if i finish my ramen early i will run back to the hotel and fill a bookbag with snacks for me and my party memebers...

    Even with the heat i still wear my sixth hokage jacket (the one from the fan art) just cause i love the way it looks.. hahah i bought and i never even did the cosplay... i just wear the jacket

    So if u see a lot of orange holding a cup of ramen or a psp youll know its me lol

  5. Hmm.. well i have been to Otakon a couple times but this time is gonna be different... I'm actually gonna do stuff other than play video games (*sniffle* its gonna be hard though)

    Normaly i'll get so sucked into playing video games that i forget about the entire con... and next thing i know everyone is being shuffled out of the game room cause its closing... HAHA..

    Anyways this year, like i said, ima try to "attend" the convention.. You know, goto panels (prolly only ones pertaining to hentai), wondering around aimlessly, making it to the dealers room before they close, gawk at super cute and major hotties cosplay (mmm bunnygirls, asians, and maids... doesn't get much better) and maybe watch the masquarde.(sp?)

    So it all should be good fun... Though i really want a group of new, interesting people to hang out with.. so pm me or give me shout of facebook if u wanna be part of that group.

    ALso, if u havent notice yet, im a complete pervert, but dont mind me so much... just blame my dad hes the one who made me like that

  6. Wow i was wanting to make a thread like this one and wouldnt ya know it theres one already been made XD

    (Though i dont like reviving threads... luckily this one wasnt dead for long)

    Anyways I've always gone to Otakon with a few friends.. but we always split ways before even entering the con so im stuck wondering around all by myself... Gets almost lonely lol

    So just like what the first post said PM if your interested... If u want I have a facebook listed in my profile so if u wanna see who i am feel free

    -Personal Stats-

    Name (First name or Alias):: Matthew (I also answer to Shinzou)

    Age:: 18

    Male or Female:: Male

    Do you need sleep at a con? I dont wanna say I need it but i do enjoy it (Only while the con is closed of course)

    Drink or smoke:: Socially

    Tell us about yourself:: This will be my third Otakon... I can always be found at the Game Room (normally at the Naruto games) Im going to be a freshman at Penn State Mckeesport this year :ph34r: cant wait

    -Convention Stats-

    Do you go to panels? I've never actually attended one... never had anyone to go wit that i knew

    Do you attend the dances/raves? Same as the panel question

    Do you spend any time gaming? YES YES YES YES YES.... :wub: Ima gaming fanatic

    Do you participate or go to the masquerade? My bros gf dragged me along last year.. but i dont participate

    Do you cosplay? With my build its hard to find a decent one... but im thinking of being Chouji this year

    Are you staffing or volunteering at the con? If all of my roommates bail i have to just so i can attend

  7. Aw, but I'm still in high school! Haha, I know that's not an excuse. But I literally have no time to do school and all my millions on music crap. I plan on working this summer before college and during college, and forever after that...

    I'm not gonna rebut the help from Mom and Dad thing, 'cause no one cares about my situation, and it is true for very many people. So many kids over on Coscom complain about their parents not letting them cosplay, 'cause they won't buy it for them, even though they get a weekly $20 allowance (true story. I actually saw that)!! Meh. If I got that much money...

    ANYway, since I don't have a job, I save up all year, and try to keep a budget in the Dealer's Room ('cept for last year...), 'cause I think that's where a lot of people break their budget. If you can keep that to a minimum, pre-reg and hotels costs are really nothing.

  8. Seeing "I guess I better get a job" from folks in this forum just breaks my brain. Do kids today get THAT much help from Mummy and Daddy, that their only reason for being employed is to come to Otakon?

    So when I seem unsympathetic about money issues, it's because I've had to work my whole life for my little luxuries, and I don't take them for granted. Without intending any malice here, if you are in college and don't have some sort of job, you are spoiled. (And yes, I'll stand by that statement.)

    It breaks my brain too. I have had a job consistantly since I was 16, and I'm 24 now. I had a job when I was in high school.... as soon as class let out, I went straight to my job. My family can't afforf to hand out cash to me.... but that's okay because I don't want to be a financial burden on anyone. I do have some friends who get allowances from their parents while in college and refuse to get jobs because they are either too lazy or it eats into their social life. pfffft. I dont get it. i have an otaku college buddy that's like this. she graduated and still doesnt have a job.

    and I dont understand the hundreds and [in some cases] thousands of dollars people bring to cons. I wish i was rich like the people in this message board. I guess it helps if you dont have bills or rent to pay. last otakon I spend like $200 all weekend, hotel included. Im a strong otaku too, and I love my swag, but i just cant imagine spending hundreds of dollars at a con when there are things in life that take more priority.

  9. I'm going to get a job this summer for reason of going to otakon and doing anything that costs money this summer.

    I can't emphasize this enough: GET A JOB NOW. I told myself this and wound up missing Otakon last year. You just never know what will/won't be available in the future, so get started now.

  10. Well with tomorrow being the start if a new month it would seem the con is drawing exceedingly near... And with no signs of the earth slowing down causing a longer time till

    Most hard-core con-goers already have made their plans, the little less seious Otaku begin to make preperations while some just plan on winging it last minute

    In my preperation steps i have entered my favorite time of con planning, finding a plethora of friends to attend the con with me

    So in my mind a question arises... who all are you other folks bringing to the illustrious Otakon 2009.

    For me I bring a few people each year.. this year so far i have...

    * Myself ( wub.gif )

    * My Girlfried Lacy

    * My Friends Andrew & Eric

    * My Bro

    * And His Girlfriend

  11. Well ive changed my cosplays up... mainly due to i didnt feel like taking the time to find the right glasses lol... anyways...

    1st Costume - Anbu Tenzou..(Yamato for those who really dont pay attention to Naruto).. lol

    2nd Costume - Kaito from the Vocaloid program... I have to. I love his outfit

  12. Well ive started for the next con.. <sigh> im one of those who has to lose weight for my cosplay.. and its going pretty good lol

    Anyways ill be going as Dr. Haruaki Akai from Maburaho.. And i cant seem to find anything simliar to his glasses anywhere.. not even on Ebay.. <sigh>... Also the bands on his arm are hard to find as well

    Heres a picture : Dr. Akai!!!!!!

    If you know where i could get them commissioned please do tell... This is by far my favorite male anime character and i want to cosplay as him this year

    K THNX BIE!!!

  13. Well i have two cosplays im planning for next year

    First is Yamato from Naruto (lol yes another Naruto cosplayer)

    The second is my all-time favorite male anime character from Maburaho - Dr. Haruaki Akai

    Im just having trouble with the glasses and the pieces that snap onto them - (Photo Here)

    I tried having it commisioned by someone who does accessories for cosplays.... but they never responded <sigh>

    If anyone has any advice on what i can do please pm me XD

  14. Wow... lol i never knew when i started this post it would get so many replies hahaha...

    Anyways after thick and thin... All of the cancellations and then coming backs i end up with a group of 5 or more now

    Its Me.. 3 of my friends.. (unfortunatly my bestie that wast supposed to go got fired and now cant make the otakon payments... *sigh*

    Also were going with someone else that we got through the web boards here.. and who ever else he decides to bring along yay..

  15. So anyways the coat to my cosplay arrived.. so other than a few loose ends being tied up and being hemmed.. it looks pretty freakin awesome.. even on me.. yay.. Idk if ima participate in the photoshoot though.. Im not good with photos lol

  16. My list is pretty simple from this point on :D

    1. SLEEEP

    2. Final preperations to my costumes.. (Hemming.. Cleaning up the edges... ect.)

    3. Wash every ounce of clothes i have.. Im leaving from Otakon to go straight down to NC for the beach

    4. Organize my group and make sure everyone paid for the hotel.

    5. Get directions to my hotel... (Sense of direction does not even exist a bit in me)

    6. Sleep some more (gonna be some long nights.. need to catch up on my sleep now)

    7. Make a list of stuff my friends, who arent going, want.. (Get them doujins *sigh* (there perverts).. Get Yuri Lowenthal's signature.. ect.)

    8. Stock up on my favorite types of pocky... much more cheaper to buy em in bulk than at the con :)

    9. Pack

    10. Drive to Otakon.. yay..

    From that point on nothing gets planned.. its all spontaneous lol

  17. ^.^ *happy*

    Since I'm going to be Hinata, I was thinking about running up to a random Naruto cosplayer, holding out a small bouquet(SP?) of fake flowers and saying, "N-naruto-kun, I love you" All Hinata like. XD It helps being able to blush so easily.

  18. lol... the only problem is my hair my roots are turning back to brown.. i mean its perfect and length and all and the top is blonde.. o well ill have a more realistic approach to this... haha.. but as for glomping *shivers* i was glomped by my friend once and fell down the steps... lol. But yeah sure ill be wearing it all thrre days i believe.. only hair will be spiked on Saturday only though.. or maybe Friday i have yet to decide (most likely Saturday cause friday is to hectic for me lol) ... But if you must know the fan art was done by Twinenigma @ deviantART.. (http://twinenigma.deviantart.com/art/DR-In-Memoriam-Test-Scroll-50464694?offset=140#comments) I gots to get some sweet picks... and sorry if i disappoint i ain't very much Naruto material.. im only 5'6" and a lil extra to my build... fat.. haha. Not to bad though. Pretty much every person at my school described me as a teddy bear... <sigh> embarrassing.

    But i think the costume looks awesome hope u guys agree when u see me

  19. hehe... well after going to a few cons ive realized that everyone and their mom's dog cosplays from Nartuto.. So i'm lick Kicka$$ ima do it too... So for the past month i tried searching for a Naruto character that no one does.. which is easier said then done.. Well last week when i was downloading the new Shippuuden episode they had a picture of a fan-drawing of adult Naruto as the 6th Hokage... (a pretty good one at that) So.. I looked it up and so far only two cosplay stores so far sell the outfit.. So I ordered the coat from them and fashioned the rest myself.. ^-^..

    So yeah all in all after that nice lil intro im going as the 6th Hokage <(^-^)> (hope i don't disappoint)

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