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  1. I know attending the con is a major part of... well... the con lol but as we all know the people who come with are also a big part So who are you bringing along???
  2. You dont know me but i just noticed it said your b-day was today so happy birthday XD

  3. It wasnt in the con but it was that weekend while i was in the hotel by the con It was the 2006 con. It was Friday afternoon. I had been wearing spandex most of the day so i was really uncomfortable. So i left the con and went back to my room. I was in the Marriott at Camden Yards.. And as most know in 2006 it was the year that the were Yankees and Baseball fans everywhere... Even more so in the hotel. Well i switched out of my costume and headed out of my room and entered the elevator. One floor down a guy wearing an Orioles jersey got in the elevator. He started talking to
  4. Ill tell my story somewhere where it is appropiate XD.. And if i dont find one ill make a past con sharing experience type forum thing lol
  5. I wouldn't be too hostile to us Baltimore folk. I've only ever had a person ask me what was going on once in...2001. Most of the people I talk too around the city (before or after Otakon) know what it is. I mean, just mentioning "People in costume" will make them go "OOooooohh that thing!" They've been in Baltimore on and off for at leasta decade, so hopefully most people would be used to it by now.
  6. This is why i love having a car.. I ride the light rail out of town when its about to close and just hop in my Ford Escort and roll back on up to the Con. Its what i do for the rave type thing... XD its always fun. And pluse there is a parking garage under the one mall near the BCC which normally fills up but its big so theres always a chance there will be an open parking space.. Its also a great deal on the cost.. I live in gettysburg and get ripped off by the parking garages here lol
  7. I remember my first time at the con.... It was in 2006 and i was staying at the Marriott near Camden Yards. I was in an elevator not dressed up cause i had just gotten out of my costume. I was wearing an old football jersey. A guy entered and we were a few floors away from the bottom. He was wearing a Orioles jersey This is how the conversation went. Him : Hello. Hows It Me : Yo whats up Him : Nothing much. Just bout to head over and check out the stadium Me : Ohh cool.. Im just bout to grab something to eat. Him : Ahh thats good. :Pause: Him : So hey whats w
  8. All this hassel about finding a close hotel was killing me for the last couple of weeks. I'm one of those people who are like.. meh ill book the hotel tomorrow. Well tomorrow turns into 3 months and wouldnt you know it... BAMM all the hotels really close to BCC are gone. So here is my solution to all of you who are like me... DON'T WALK FAR.. TAKE THE LIGHT RAIL If you can find a hotel in the outer limits of Baltimore thats adjacent or within a few minute walk to the light rail its an amazing deal Also if you have trouble finding one i suggest the Sleep Inn & Suites
  9. From what i can tell its not a very well-known anime but it is by far my favorite XD -Mouse- It was just amazing and would make an amazing badge. XD I remember my first year.. <sigh> unfortunatly it wasnt to long ago... 2006... I cant remember the anime my badge was from but it had a cute lil neko-girl on the front Ahh...good times good times. Other than Mouse and Death Note (either the live or anime.. a badge with both would be even better XD) for badges these are my sugesstions -Lucky Star -Fruits Basket -Love Hina -Maburaho -Maharomatic and maybe
  10. Mayby a Deathnote Badge with Misa on it or even better a Mausu (Mouse) Badge... thatwould be an amzing badge lol
  11. Im new to this entire "thursday" concept... or the otakon concept in general. If i drop by on thursday to pick up my badge would i be allowed to pick up my friends badge as well cause she cant get off work??
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