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    berserk, shamo, hajime no ippo, naruto, bleach, japanese movies, <br />fan art, bai sung kung fu.......meeting ppl..........rockin out

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  1. i'm really hoping to find some berserk and claymore statues!
  2. I'm budgeting for 3k cash in addition to my credit card........so i should be good to buy whatever i like and eat like a Persian emperor, my friends that are coming are looking to bring 2k+ each. its gonna be fun yo!
  3. i'm gonna cosplay guts from berserk and maybe hitman #47
  4. i long for the day i can see my fav mangas / anime do it big on the silver screen .....like berserk, grappler baki, kenshin, and to be honest i wish some Japanese movies had manga counter parts like azumi, lone wolf and cub, kage no gundan, ziatoichi. when i look at how well the adaptation of the 7 samurai was done i was like hells yeah man where are the others? even highlander did it big i was feeling that anime.
  5. muhahahahahahahahahahahaha! foolish mortal! don't mistake me for someone that cares what people think! i have half a mind to stay in cosplay until i leave on Tuesday.
  6. this will be me and my friend's first con, and honestly i figured after we get our badges and get a good meal...........we are gonna hit the bars and where ever else we can find thats fun at night. stumble back to our rooms 2-3 o'clock in the morning talk smack sleep it off and go to the con in the morning. i'm not flying 8-9 hours to the u.s. to stare at my hotel room walls... ....... pssshhhhhh! live while your alive!!!!!!! real talk
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