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  1. Thanks! Took your adviced and looked farther out not using the passkey website and found a nice Hampton for $99 a night. Since I have to come from Indiana, I will be coming up at least Thursday, probably Wednesday and that seems to be the problem with all the hotels on the passkey sight. I did find a hotel for Fri-Sun right near the con so I will just swap hotels on Friday. I am a diamond member at Hilton, so like sticking with their hotels, especially since I get extra benefits being a diamond member. Horray! I can come and I love it is in July vs August. I can do Gen Con in Augu
  2. I can't believe it, looks like there are no hotels available and the con is nearly a year away. This will make it 3 years in a row I don't make it to Otakon. I tried using the passkey website and nothing comes up. So I went outside and the Hilton (where I usually would stay) is already sold out. The Hamton Inn only has rooms at over $200. Geez, perhaps I will do Anime Expo instead who's hotels are not released until January. Sigh, maybe in 2010 I can finally come to Otakon!
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