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  1. TOP from Big bang XD. I love their musics!! Last Farewell, Top of the world, Haru haru, Lies etc I love all of it!! BASS, YES BIG BANG IS BACK, B TO THE I TO THE G BANG!.

  2. greygula


    The reason why I don't think they'll move to another Korean company is one word Avex. Though not Ayu or Namie they sell at fairly high volumes, so why would they want to get rid of that money maker? They wouldn't. Same with SM, Shinee's last album did not do as good as they would of liked at all. So other than SuJu who honestly is more of entertainers then singers, they have well no big boyband group. IDK who would pick them up as a whole other than MAYBE MNET records. H.O.T. even after disbanding was still popular at least as four separate solo artists{sorry Lee Jae}, and JTL. Shinwha was l
  3. greygula


    LOL at you pimping omna, too bad it's closed membership. That being said I want to wait and see before I make any big judgment against or for the boys or SM. I just want to see the results. So many record companies have horrible contracts, I never thought that was a secret but I think as people you should be allowed more freedom with your life, your career idk you can sign that away, we all do kind of when we get hired but they don't need to be slaves to it. All it makes me do is look at younger groups and not just at SM and feel soo sad for them.
  4. greygula


    But apparently she is in talks to come back...idk sounds like she had fame or something go to her head. BEG single is very Brit Pop to me to a degree and I like it :} I wish I could say I was more into the Chinese/Taiwanese music scene so I would of heard of HIT5 but the groups I know about are "older" or solo acts and the only one I constantly listen to isn't really a girl or boy group. F.I.R.
  5. greygula


    All the Shinhwa boys talk, but Minwoo has this ex, who's really rich and wants to be famous and talks about their past SOOOOO MUCH. That's basically it.
  6. greygula


    Last I heard BEG is not editing their video. Their management company said it's all fake like a drama, nothing should be taken as real and thus will not be edited. Like I said about JunJin, idk what's up. As for Minwoo yes I think she can't let go and wants to be famous and is using this BUT Shinhwa is known to talk about the girls they've been with. @Shiro do you mean the Pizza Hut thingie?
  7. greygula


    Minwoo is still promoting his cheating self and Eric is in training right now. DongWon has been in the service since November, which that being said I do NOT think he should of said anything supporting Minwoo in this Amy situation. HyeSung is exempt from military service because of a previous injury, no clue about JunJin, same with Andy. Right now I think the girlgroups coming out with stuff is fine but I only favor a few like 2NE1, BEG and SNSD. I want to see what T-ara is going to be like before I make a judgment.
  8. greygula


    TOP was/is the main reason I could get into BigBang. I enjoyed the panel alot too, the fangirling in their, atleast where I was sitting was at a DEAFENING HIGH, but it was still a fun panel Oh well you've come to the right place, KPOP is so talked about here, and girl groups too and with the explosion of girlgroups in Korea we just might talk about them more. Anyone catch the new BEG video? Fiercest video yet, anywhere. Period. This is how sexy should be done. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LN8-vNkVgtU...player_embedded
  9. Yes, TOP is amazing. You're the first to recognize him, so for that, you've won a piece of my heart.

  10. greygula


    She did the Jdramas panel too. Which since almost all shows contain JEs it is on the same line of thought to a degree. For the other music panels I didn't go to JPOP101 because those type of panels are everywhere as as said before I didn't like to one I went to in 2007. Their was a History of Jrock pnael and I am not sure if it is the same one I went to see at Katsu but if it was it was very well informed but one of the panelists seemed kind of elitist.
  11. greygula


    I think she said she was going to because let me be honest I went to a JMUSIC 101 and J-IDOLS panel in 2007 that were quite horrible, this panel was good and should be brought back. As much as I lllllllloooooooovvveeee shineebear it should be shotacat but either way I love seeing that pop up with Shinee stuff, who's music I really like but the boys themselves I really can't get into yet, they are so tiny! Oh current thoughts on Shinee, I do not mind the hair colors I DO mind the color contacts :/ LOL let me pull out my map so I can try and remember, I sadly only got to do one run of
  12. greygula


    I think I am biased towards AMA as I have a lot of friends who really love it. But probably 3 music panels, an rp panel, a dramas panel and a manga based panel. I feel it needs my support as an older con goer so I give it to them! Katsu this year though over crowded was me FAVORITE "smaller" con. Much better than Neko or AMA {and by small I mean under 10,000}. I mean a maid cafe, a really nice dealer room for the size and the fact that they were supposed to{because I've heard different people say how it went off} and acutal ball and then a rave I thought was cool.
  13. greygula


    Yes, yes. Definite plans next year. I plan on going up Thursday again and back on Monday next year. I am thinking of gofering next year if I end up going to Anime Expo in LA. Oh my god, cooking it yourself, you just about killed my sister, she sooo wanted to do that last weekend. As much as I hate Neko{in Hampton} I will be attending for various reasons, Katsu is a yes and btw hotels are open now but the Gaylord{which anyone who went across the bridge into Maryland would of seen it on the river bank} makes you pay a one nights deposit fee. Then I'll be at AMA{in Hampton} over the sum
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