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  1. I admit, if there isn't a Death Note, Haruhi, or Lucky Star badge, I'll be ubber surprised; seeing how huge a sensation they are right now. Personally I'd love one from any of these series: Higurashi, Code Geass, Azumanga Daioh, Death Note, Lucky Star, the classic goodies [ex.NGE], etc.. Those are the big ones I'd adore, but there's a bunch of others I'm forgetting right now. D: 'Course the gamer in me would love a Portal/WCC one. Not likely, but I'd be amused if they did it, though.
  2. My friends and I are going SH-themed. I'm Maria, my one friend's Pyramid Head (game version), and the other's going to be the Butcher. We had a Travis planned, but he can't go anymore, so it's just us three. I was thinking of using my Closer costume, but...yeah...too hot for that, IMO. I'll save that for halloween or something. Man, I hope to see you around somewhere, I always get giddy when I see SH cosplay. X3
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