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  1. Hey I remember you... Never Die is <3 I'm the guy who did SKILL twice on Saturday night. >_>
  2. I had a TON of fun at karaoke. I sang "Never Die" by Okui Masami and "Emotion" from Gundam SEED Destiny. I also was the blue-haired lolita that danced to seobon's Hatsune Miku song during Band Night. (Any videos of any of those by any chance? 8D) I'm glad everyone that sang had fun~
  3. I think I have a song or two in mind so far... PARADISE LOST - Okui Masami MASK ~MasaMix~ - Okui Masami Does Victory by JAM Project have a karaoke, by any chance? :0 (tyger, sing it with me! >>)
  4. I live for karaoke! Definitely gonna be there. (Is there Otaku Idol this year?)
  5. I'll be cosplaying Lelouch's Ashford uniform. But yeah, the cosplay.com thread is kinda dead.
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