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    Heh just a girl that likes manga, anime, and games.I LOVE to draw~ I also love to read...And I mean actual books Lol<br /><br />Currently I am to be soon teaching an amature manga art class at a local arts n craft store X3

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  1. Oh God this just made my day, Geneon was such a good dubbing company to.
  2. Well brawl or any Super Smash Brothers Cosplay at all? I'm going as a not mainstream Summer Princess Peach. Any one else being anyone from the game? Like Ice climbers or anybody?
  3. I do a bit of both buy and make, I work at a arts n craft store so usualy my props are made with supplies from there, I usualy buy the outfit and add my own accsessories to it and last but not least I try to use wigs atleast 5 times before putting money out to get a new one.
  4. I would LOVE to see a Gurren Lagann badge, even if its just the mecha I DON'T CARE I just want a Gurren Lagann badge XD But that aside here's my list Gurren Lagann Code Geass Evangelion *REBUILD PEOPLE REBUILD Pretty art on otakon badge = WIN* Ouran Gao Gai Gar *I know, I know we had it last year but this series needs more love* Lucky Star Air Gear Thats my list, but personally If I see either Eva or Gurren I will squee ALOT X3
  5. In another thread I said Sora(Kh), Tamaki (Ouran) and Maybe Time skip Simon (TTGL) But I may add Namine (Kh) Just cause she's an easy character to cosplay Or a Mudkip girl Cause I LOVE them so~ and no not cause of 4chan XD
  6. Usualy Thursday nights, get to Baltimore by 1 pm for check in play a few games, Draw a bit, hang out and chill, then around 6 or 7 *...after a Summer 06 event I never go get my badge before 6..* Hang around the mall for a bit grab a bite to eat, discuss what panels and events to go to over the few days and then head back to the room and spend time with the ones I'm rooming with and SOMETIMES invite some other friends over. Thursday is usualy the SLOW night that is still filled with soo much fun cause time goes by slowly for ya waiting for Friday but its also fun cause your with your fr
  7. But con-wise, about $50 or $60 for food *I usualy pack alooot of snaks*, $100 on travels*train car ect.), and whatever amount for the room *Usualy from around $150 to $200*. Its all about remembering to only spend money on the stuff you REALLY REALLY Want, like for example.. A super rare ultra art book $200 or..2 Plushies,5 keychains, 6 manga's, 3 dvd's,5 dounjinshi's, and a t-shirt for the same exact price, it depends on what ya really want but in some cases Also look around the vendors many times and also remember, if you see something and its too much or you saw it cheaper at a
  8. Hm a budget...I usualy try to keep myself from spending no more than about $200 in the dealer's room it may be even less this year seeing as a few things may happen and that I gotta save up for other stuff.
  9. I'm hoping to do a few. A few old costumes just cause My friends won't leave me alone about em Lol and a new one Female Sora (Kh) Tamaki Suoh (Ouran) I'm hoping to get a Female Time skip Simon(TTGL) done But I may not Lol we'll see how it goes
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