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  1. Youtube is free while AMV.org(the last time I checked) wanted you to register and bugged you for donations. I wonder which site people would rather go to (Not to say that AMV.org doesn't have a fantastic community, but come on).
  2. I can't really help you since I don't have any ideas myself. Sry. But props to cosplaying as a Black Cat charc. ^^ I haven't seen one yet and I think this series deserves more cosplayers xDD Hope to see you at the con! =DD
  3. Harkerzc and Kumiko pretty much said it all. The most important thing I think, is just to have fun. ^^ If you're not enjoying it then there's no reason to keep on doing it. So just have fun! =D xD
  4. This sounds like fun! ^^ Count me and my friend in unless there's some thing that we must go to at the time of the dance. xD But yea. Still gotta learn it tho. xD
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