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  1. 8 hours ago, Aresef said:

    And we’re supposed to hear more from Otakon on their financials and the impact of the donation drive. That was promised at the feedback panel in lieu of the State of Otakorp panel, which couldn’t happen because its usual presenter was, like some other staff, stuck in Canada.

    Matt S doesn’t live in Canada. You’re thinking of Simon. 

  2. 42 minutes ago, BrakusJS said:


    Also The video for Best Non-Finalist was only shown for about 10 seconds when it somehow skipped to the next video on the list. I definitely didn’t want to be the editor for their video if they were in the audience and saw that happen. They worked hard to make their video and it was going to be shown to a lot of people at Closing Ceremonies only to get skipped. 

    I’ll have to look at the files we were given to see what happened there. Those files are all on a playlist, so the file may have had a problem. 

  3. 3 minutes ago, Kui Shanya said:


    The Ugly

    • I can't be the only one that's wondering this, but why is Otakon seemingly moving to the weekend directly after SDCC consistently now. I know for a fact that is why bluefin had to cancel, and it seems like it would hurt a lot of turn out for bigger names?

    We've always jumped around between this weekend and next weekend. Well, at least for the 12 years I've been on staff. My facebook memories likes to remind me that anytime from July 20th-ish until mid august has been an Otakon at some point. 

  4. Mine says the shipping label was created at State College on the 8th, then shipment accepted at State College the next day.... It took them 24 hours to slap a tag on it and scan it? Lol. It wasn't even sent out of there yet, it's still there... They better start moving it so it can get to me by tomorrow which is when my post office said it should come in

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    Well, the 8th would likely be when the badge shipping company printed the label, it probably wasn't picked up by USPS until the next day.

  5. I just received my priority package which was delayed from July 6 for some reason. The priority envelope was inside another resealed and when I opened it and the priority mail envelope inside was torn. One badge and one lanyard are missing. The other two and 3 matsuri discounts were still there. I contacted the post office and also sent an email to Otakon giving all the details,including pictures. What's going to happen? I don't have a badge someone took it.


    Contact the help desk staff (help.otakon.com) and explain to them what happened.


    I think we can all agree the load on the USPS for the 4th of July doesn't hold a candle to the load they experience over the end-of-year holidays.  Apples - Oranges.


    I didn't say end of year did I? :P MLK is the same time as my mom's birthday, and is surprisingly the worst. Memorial Day is my brother's and can also be bad.  I mean, there's a lot more factors than just the holiday, but my personal experience is that it has been a factor for me in the past.



    So what will happen if come the 10th if still no badge an no tracking #???

    Contact us through the help desk (help.otakon.com,) but honestly I would give it until at least Monday. The holiday weekend probably threw off the mail a bit.



    The only Postal holiday last weekend was Sat. July 3 was a normal workday for them.

    So having only 1 day and that being a Sat off CAN'T have messed things up that much...

    ref- https://about.usps.com/news/events-calendar/2015-postal-holidays.htm


    You'd be surprised. I live outside DC and my parents live in Boston, normally it takes 2-3 days for mail to get there, but when a holiday is involved I've seen it take up to 10.

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