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  1. Yo guys, Dom here from Club Otaku: Jamspace. E.g. this room at Otakon: http://baltimorebarcams.com/dom/images/8/8...ubotaku2008.jpg I also run the same Jamspace room at a different con called Magfest, which is basically a concert focused on games and videogame music. We have 12+ videogame music cover bands including Powerglove, The Megas, Entertainment System, Temp Sound Solutions, and tons of others. This goes down in Washington DC Jan 1-4 2009. We also have game composers Tommy Tallarico (game composer and creator of Videogames Live), George
  2. W00t I am so glad this went off so well, we've been getting nothing but AWESOME feedback since the con ended. Thanks a TON for everyone who came and hung out with us, it was definitely my favorite Otakon so far. I can't gush enough about the support we received from Otakon staff, especially Omar and Walt, and our techs at DSL (TRAVIS ftw). It blew my mind. I'm starting a centralized homepage for Club Otaku: Jamspace up here http://baltimorebarcams.com/dom/index.php?title=Jamspace That's got (or it will have in 10 minutes once I finish typing it) a list of all the videos and pi
  3. AFTER OTAKON 2008 REPORT: I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS Club Otaku's Jamspace was the greatest single thing I've ever helped organize. THANKS TO EVERYONE INVOLVED. We're definitely hoping to be back next year. I'll post more details as Otakon 2009 approaches. THANKS AGAIN! Here's some vids of Club Otaku from Otakon 2008: Knights of the Round: Myself on keys here: -Dom
  4. The room is I believe, rooms 347+348 which is the same room as the side-rave room. We should have a sign or something I hope.
  5. HOLY CRAP YES. I already know the song, we actually do it occasionally with my band if we get a singer who knows the words. I call keyboards. Who wants to sing? Now I just need to get my friend to come and bring his talkbox to get the voice right... (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.) -Dom
  6. Our operating plan right now is: One person can sign up for a 10-12 minute slot. Then they can invite anyone they like up on stage to jam with them, including just saying 'everyone's invited'. This way we can accommodate one person, one specific group of people (e.g. a band), or just everyone around who wants to jam. It is all up to the person who "booked" the slot. -Dom
  7. Just to throw down my $0.02: I think this room is going to work great. Otakon already has a huge audience for videogame and anime music judging from the raves, OCremix panel, and the Karaoke room. Plus, I've personally invited tons of people who are going to be playing videogame and anime music with us. There's tons of people coming from videogame bands and lots of people expressing interest and making plans. Plus, people have camped the Otakon hallways with keyboards, guitars, violins, and all kinds of musical instruments forever. The spirit of this room and the people using it have alwa
  8. Yo guys, this is Dom from Club Otaku here. I'm PUMPED to see how much response we're getting. Also, count me in for real folk blues on keyboard. I love that song and could jam on it all day. I play tons of videogame music, here's some of my stuff (this is just the stuff I can remember) Banjo Kazooie Mumbo's Hut Treasure Trove Cove Castle Music (Gruntilda's Theme) Castlevania Clock tower Bloody tears Cave Story Main Theme (Plantation Theme) Grasstown Moonsong (sorta) Chrono Cross Unstolen jewel (or whatever it's really called)
  9. Hey Paul, that sounds sweet. I too am in a videogame music band called Rare Candy. It's fun isn't it : ) The deal is that the room is going to be open the entire weekend, so you guys are welcome to sign up as a group and play anytime you like. I was originally shying away from scheduling out specific times for specific groups in advance, but I can discuss this with my staff and figure out if we wanted to book out slots before the con so that groups like yourself could promote your slot ahead of time if you have a lot of fans there. One of my goals with the room is to promote/raise awar
  10. Ah no way - Otacafe is awesome. Both events will be happening at the same time, Club Otaku is in addition to Otacafe. Club Otaku is like Otacafe except the focus is on playing music rather than singing. I see Club Otaku as a good complement to Otacafe. OTHER NEWS: Our site is live: Check it out: http://otakon.com/events_clubotaku.asp
  11. Cool, glad you guys are excited, it's gonna ROCK. You're welcome to bring sheet music, though I don't personally have any because I only play by ear and can't read music. If I did I'd totally bring it. -Dom
  12. Greetings all, this is Dom, I'm helping organize a room called Club Otaku for the first time at Otakon. We're in the process of getting everything in one central place on the site, and when we do we'll probably have an official announcement, but here are the details that are for certain right now: CLUB OTAKU: We provide a room with musical instruments, and you provide the sheer musical genius. If you're talented at playing a musical instrument and/or singing (or even just really enthusiastic about it), then stop by and sign up for a time slot in which to showcase your mad skills. Or
  13. Heheh, yea in the past I've dragged my keyboard around the con too, so I think this'll work out nicely. Real quick, mine is not quite the ES8, my keyboard is a MO8, a little different but not too much. It's this one: http://www.gigasonic.com/images/large/yamahamo8.jpg Basically it's a motif without sampling capability. It's still weighted 88 key though. One note: That the list of stuff above is what I offered to bring, but what is actually happening is we are renting a bunch of that equipment. That being said, I love the MO8 and I have a bunch of custom guitar stuff on m
  14. Thanks Jim, good catch. To clarify: Any and all Otakon attendees will be allowed to sign up for slots and play music in this room. It's very similar to how the karaoke room works.
  15. Update: WE'RE DOING THIS! I (Dom) am running this year something called CLUB OTAKU where we will be jamming out to live anime and videogame music played by YOU, the guests. Check it out in the same room as the side room for the raves. I'll post the link to the main Otakon site with more details as it comes online. -Dom
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