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  1. It's kinda iffy right now...but... Vampire Fai D. Flowright (Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle) again. XD Date Outfit Dark Mousy (D.N.Angel.) Envy (Full Metal Alchemist) I may have more than that, but at the moment, that's what I have planned.
  2. Did anyone see a Vampire Fai D. Flowright walking around? I had long claws and torn up gloves. I'd love some pictures. XD
  3. Awww, now I'm excited. XDD Personally I'd like one of the following: -Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle -xxxHolic -Death Note -Ouran High School Host Club (That would make my day. XD) -Cowboy Bebop -Kyou Kara Maou -Lucky Star -The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzimiya -D.N.Angel. (Yeaah...That's an odd one. XD *recently fell in love with the manga*) -Mushi-shi Yuuuup...>.<;;;
  4. i see that, then i see your signature haha
  5. I didn't believe anyone posted the link for them up here. Here are both of them. (Same User, so I'm just posting their profile) http://www.youtube.com/user/OtakonVideos I admit, they made me laugh.
  6. I'll be going as Spoiler!Fai with a Mokona. I MIGHT also have a Syaoran and Yuko.
  7. I'm not sure if I posted here or not...Doesn't really matter, since this list has changed a bit over the past few weeks. I plan on bringing: Envy-Ordinary Form-Fullmetal Alchemist Fai D. Flowright-Vampire form, complete with long claws and fangs, while wearing Celes outfit-Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Atori-Memory Loss Version-Noein San-Half Mask Version-Princess Mononoke- I actually don't want to bring this one, but I might get stuck with it anyways.
  8. I plan on cosplaying as Fai Flowright from Tsubasa Chronicle (Inner Most Coat) and I have no clue how to make his staff. And I fail at working with wood, so thats out. >< Any Suggestions? (And How do you suggest transporting it? Remove the top part of the staff?) Thanks! xD
  9. I'd perfect all my current cosplays. I'd make a Yuko cosplay from xxxHolic cosplay. A Shukaku (Spelling?) cosplay from Naruto. A Sasuke in the coffin cosplay from Naruto. "Sasuke in the coffin" = Me cosplaying as full curse mark Sasuke in the coffin from the Sasuke Retrevial ark. I'd pop out and roar at people.
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