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  1. -Spazz.- prepare to be glomped by Dr. Muraki numerous times ;[ I love this series omg.
  2. Funny, I posted an earlier thread about finding a Natsuo. XDD I found one who's searching for me, but we can work something out too! And maybe ... You could be my official Natsuo at Tekkoshocon '09?! I'll definitely be going there too.
  3. I'll be going as Ayame Sohma. I've got a Ritsu, Mine, Gure-san, Miss Honda! And someone who is caught between Haru and Yuki and another caught between Haa-san and Akito. I think there may be a Momiji, also, but I'm not sure. Would anyone like to join us? FOR INSTANCE MAYHAPS A KYOU~KI~CHI. Anyone? We'll be LARPing, too!
  4. WELL, I always thought it would be kind of cool to have a huge variety of bishounen to entice the female viewers perform a skit together! So I'm going to attempt to gather some of you stunning bishis out there. I am looking for, specifically, 2 members of the Prince Yuki Sohma fanclub of Furuba, Tamaki Suoh of Ouran, Orochimaru of Naruto, and 3 other well-known bishounen. You must be willing to memorize some dance moves ;] Specifics will be shared through e-mail! Please send all inquiries to abrattyprince@aol.com!
  5. Woo, Loveless! A few of my friends said they were going to do Loveless cosplay. Sooo I got all excited to be Youji, and they bailed out 'cause it's only ... Practically March. So I really want a Natsuo to run around with, probably on Sunday XD Got anyone else in mind? Great!
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