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  1. There's a possibility of me bringing Minato/Main Character, but I think I might be too busy. But it's still too early to know for sure yet!!
  2. Since you're in Anne Arundel County, there's also the Anne Arundel Community College's anime club down in Arnold! We meet on campus every Tuesday from 1-6 in Annex B, room 112. (I think that's the room number; we always have a sign posted outside of the door, though.) I'm sure we're smaller than Towson (university vs. community college and all) but we're a real fun bunch of people. Similar to Towson, you can't technically be a "member" without being a student down at AACC, but you can always come and hang out!
  3. Two other Hall Costume Contest questions: I'm finding the pre-registration form a bit confusing. My group has four 'models', three of which created their own costumes (the fourth was created by another girl in the group, and is just modeling) so we're underneath the group registration limit that I see posted with the rules. But when I look at the form for pre-registration, I'm unsure how to enter all of our information into the forms, specifically the sections "characters portrayed", "costume designer and/or maker", and the one marked "group leaders/designers only". (I'm also as
  4. Hello again! Vandelesca's back with another question about the Masquerade. I've read over the Masquerade Rules and Regulations, and I have a questions regarding #20, which states: "All presentations must be within the delineated area of the stage, including entry and exit points, to protect the stage equipment. Skits may utilize these entry and exit points as staging points throughout the duration of their presentation." Are the dimensions of the "delineated area of the stage" available? For the choreography in our skit, we want to make sure none of us end up off stage instead o
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