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  1. I have this unearthly want for a ball jointed doll.
  2. Alot of Anime cosplay is pretty obscure to me...tending I watch very little. But I will be doing the sister of someone from Endless waltz this year. I think its obscure...
  3. We ususally get in line after we change into our thursday cosplay, about 4 or 5 ish, It will be interesting this year because we just moved and now we are 1 hour away and not 8 anymore
  4. Our group found here http://www.flickr.com/photos/alterationsbyemily/3466162496/
  5. Our family costumes Thursday: Alterationsbyemily.com Outfits Friday: Maleificent, Sleeping beauty / Giselle, Stitch and Musketeer (Disney day) Saturday: (Endless Waltz day) Big Gundam thing, his sister the circus performer. (My hubby picked it) Sunday: Crap, we were so wrapped up in epic costumes we need to go shopping, normal clothes
  6. I suggest not cosplaying on Sunday, the dealers room is nuts. If you do fri/sat thing, just bring febreez in case, Otakon can get HOT fast. www.alterationsbyemily.com
  7. who is doing your photo shoots, I am trying to get hooked up with a photographer. alterationsbyemily@yahoo.com
  8. my giselle from enchanted is for saturday, Ithink on Friday I am going to go for general playboy bunny. www.alterationsbyemily.com
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