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  1. It looks as though my own DBZ group has grown to a really great cast, so except us around the con. On friday (which we've nicknamed DB Day) I'll be doing Desert Bandit Yamucha, and on Saturday (Z Day) I'll be Saiya-jin Saga Chichi. I'll be hanging with a bunch of other people in DB/Z cosplay, so don' be afraid to come up and say hey!
  2. I've dated inside of the convention community before, though neither of those breakups involved fandom. I have ridiculously high standards now, though, thanks to those relationships. ;-;
  3. Orihime is one of those characters that you have a million options for. Shinigami Disguise, Early Soul Society Arc, School Uniform, and Arrancar to name a few. Wowies. Way more then I have. xD Also, is your name a Hina Ichigo referance? o:
  4. O hay, another Orihime here! I don't know which outfit I'm doing, yet. ^^;
  5. unyuu

    Gintama? =D

    Working on Otsu! I have a friend who is also doing Gintoki.. maybe we should work on a photo shoot time!
  6. SWEET! You have yourselves a Juuhachigou.
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