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  1. the new system really isn't all that hard you only have to email or call them to get an instant answer xD I think it's better organized then calling the hotels
  2. yep i love this hotel idea and the timing i was able to get one of the choice hotels and my mind is at peace for a year plus loving the prices and the fact you can just email or call up and say you wanted xx day or xx hotel but it wasn't on the website and they totally hook you up! for the name of guests thing I dont think it matters I've used my own name and the name unk ^^; it can be edited later easily
  3. Place I stayed: Radission Lord Baltimore Number of people in room: 4 Hotel Staff: They we're mostly rude and unhappy to work there only one guy was nice but it was creepy nice and the chick behind the desk was only nice AFTER we complimented her hair Walk to the con center: not sure 10 mins? I walk slow I was always dragging something and it seemed up hill xD The bad: omg free internet was worthless completely worthless! we could not keep the signal and the staff wasn't very helpful in troubleshooting. You have to log into a special page to agree to terms before using it AND it w
  4. these people will NEVER read this but I'll throw out a cosmic thank you to the bcc employees and security. Ya know congoer's normally knock on the con center employee's but for me and my sister we have found that 90% of them are super nice and helpful as long as you act mature and almost always let us into the elevators and service areas when we're dragging luggage and thanks to the lady with the garbage can who half walked us from hall C to hall E when we couldn't find the artist alley! (meanwhile in those situation the staffers we're always trying to stop us and cause trouble) and thanks t
  5. i got a pirate bunny ring from cute plush and some stickers and a book from aurura cause i felt bad for taking the freebies all in my 15 min mad dash to the dealers room. my sis also got me some manga from a table with 2.00 manga and 5.00 yaoi manga, if anyone knows what the shop name was let me know!!! If anyone bought from my table in artist alley let me know too <3 I wanted a marbell cd signed but I couldn't get it >.< I didn't even see any j-rock booths in my 15 min mad dash T^T
  6. my first otakon was 1998 when it was in crystal city i went cause of a penpal and cause i wanted to go to a con after reading about them in animerica magazine. back then i had no idea there was OTHER conventions xD I went back the following year cause they mailed me out a pre-reg slip to mail back in and the following because the local comic book store had the pre-reg slips to mail in. ah ..life before the internet was big
  7. some walmarts carry pocky even ^^; i've seen the small boxes of chocolate pocky at a local walmart for like 89 cents I think.
  8. first ya know you guys need to calm down this thread comes off kinda desperate and cynical and just like other threads like it all over the net you're making it out to be harder then it really is. Is it possible to find love at a con? My answer No it's possible to find friends that becomes love over time. To find Love at anime con would be love at first site because you only get 3 days. As a girl who met her love in a different way just thought I'd give some tips from the girls point of view. There seems to be alot of guys who are just clueless as to what to do so I really hope th
  9. 1 word Evangelion. I liked it back in the day but after episode 4 it started a down hill slide of religious trips and what I assume drug induced scenes starting at the wall for over 10 mins. it made no sense, shinji was annoying beyond measure by the end and the movies made it worse. Oh if only I could go back in time and get back that 30.00 per tape I paid and erase it from my memory meantime I absolutely loved sailor moon and yami no matsuei but to each their own
  10. sometimes the easiest way out is to lie and call out sick. But you have to becareful that your job isn't one to ask for dr notes. If asking for leave, Some employers do not want to hear that you are leaving for a convention of any kind, so you might want to think of something your boss would consider important like family issues or something.
  11. wow i have to say thanks guys this thread just became super invaluable to my weekend Just to clarify my earlier post, the last time I was there I parked in a lot with no gate hardly anyone attending also right next to the con center in front of the holiday inn area. It was like 10.00 a day in 2004 (could be wrong..) I think so it was good for driving into the city for the day but since it wasn't gated and a tiny lot I wouldn't want to leave my car over night xD
  12. i'll be looking for cheap cheap translated manga like 6.00 each or something cute items like ocha ken, pucca, hello kitty, stitch (but i doubt anyone will bring that since its Disney) and gloomy either plush, electronic or useful for everyday items. I agree with the household items also i'd love to see household items. Small things could be shower curtains, mouse pads, re-usable bento boxes, photo album and cd wallet other then that i might look out for j-rock band photocard sets and fashion accessories
  13. clannad ep 9 made my hubby cry i was close behind in tears though.
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