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  1. Friday, Master Roshi (AGAIN, and maybe the last time) Saturday, Strago Sunday, Ozzy Osborne (probably Thursday night too)
  2. If you look in some fabric stores you may find some LARGE pieces of foam. The craft foam comes in different thicknesses. We found some big sheets at Micheals Crafts. You may want to just look through some stores and see if there is anything you can modify for the armor. You may be suprised what you find.
  3. We used foam sheeting available at Michaels Crafts, and Wal-Mart, to make Zelda's armor. If you laminate it using hot glue you can mold it to pretty much any shape. While the glue is still hot you have about a minute to get it to the right form. We made a posterboard pattern and it was a great help. The foam can be painted with spray paint. We used the foam on polystyrene plastic sheeting to get the plastic to the right shape. We painted the polystyrene so it would be shiny. The raised decoration on the armor is hot glue carefully applied. If you try this be VERY careful because that hot glue
  4. Yes, that's living history. It CAN be a pain because your uniform (they HATE it to be called a costume) is scrutinized to an exterme degree. They want all sewing that shows to be hand done, correct fabric etc. You sleep out in tents and eat food cooked over an open fire. There can be nothing showing that is not period correct. It was fun at first but I never got into it to the fanatic extent that most people did. Besides, I didn't really fit in to the group I had joined, they were very "clique-ish". Basically cosplay is for FUN and living history is for an accurate representation of a specifi
  5. I'll check on resturants close by. I'm pretty sure there's a Chinese resturant at Harbor Place; it's Baltimore's main tourist attraction. Thursday shouldn't be too busy, but there will be thousands of con-goers there. This will be my second time cosplaying but I used to do "living history" so you get used to people staring. I looked at your pictures, are you in there? It would be cool if there were enough DBZ cosplayers at Otakon to do a photo shoot. Last year my daughter went as Kidd from Chrono Cross. She had her picture taken a lot. She found it posted on one of the cosplay websites,
  6. I don't think we'll cosplay on Thursday, BUT.............. My daughter and her friend are going to make Otakon 2008 tee shirts and wear feather boas. I made a couple of DBZ shirts and may wear one of them or go as Tien. Also, I'm not sure I'll have enough Roshi beard material for two days AND it's almost impossible to eat with that stuff glued on your face (I know I tried)! We can still meet up if you want. The inner harbor is within walking distance and it has a lot of resturants. I'm sure we'd get a lot of looks but who cares? I will have to run it past my son, daughter and her friend but I
  7. I'm also thinking of going as Tien on Saturday, just for a bit of a change. I'm only concerned that I'm to old to pass off as Tien, he's 18 and I'm almost 3X that! I'll have to give it a try at home before I go out into public!
  8. Hello, I can't view your picture from here (work) but if you're a DBZ fan you could go as Ox King, he's Chi-Chi's father (Goku's wife and Gohan's mom). He's a BIG guy with a beard. The drawback is that he's kind of a side character in the story. By the way I'm going as Master Roshi who trained Goku, Krillen etc. I'm EXTREMELY bald so I'm limited to who I can cosplay, also I'm old as cosplayers go. Hope to see you there whatever cosplay you choose!
  9. I'm going as Master Roshi, my son will be Goku. We'll be with Sophi and Howl Friday. Saturday we'll be with Twilight Princess Zelda and Howl.
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