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  1. Austin Tindle Brittney Karbowski Troy Baker Laura Bailey Ray Chase Wendee Lee E. Jason Liebrecht Matthew Mercer Adam Gibbs Scott Gibbs Takehito Koyasu (i will always wish for this seiyuu to maybe finally meet him one day in person T_T ) There are SO many more but unfortunately I havent been much into the anime franchise in a while so a bit rusty with naming guests ^^; Here's hoping anyways, that this year will be a fun one!
  2. I would say no to masks, however, if people who attend wish to wear them, they should be able to and vice versa. That I dont have an issue with. Or perhaps in more crowded p not so open places like the dealer's room, or a huge panel where people have to sit next to each other in a small space if they feel comfortable, perhaps wear masks then? But, in all honesty even if COVID is a thing still, its not as drastic as it was a couple of years back and honestly I feel it should be a choice whether someone decides to wear a mask or not.
  3. Anime that I always still even get teared up at (even though I've seen them like a million times over and over!) AIR TV Of course. I get so into the plot and such I tear up at the end of almost all the serious episodes. I cried a bit at the end of toradora but it was happy tears not sad ones xD FMA when the little girl was turned into a chimera and in so much pain that Scar put her out of her misery. Kanon episode when the fox girl dies. Yea there's a couple of others but I can't think of them at the moment ^^;; AIR is a big one though I love that anime to death ^^;
  4. xD I'm such a huuuge spender but hey its my only con I go to for each year mostly. I went to anime boston and it sucked so much ><
  5. No problem at all Good luck to everyone ^^
  6. the suspense is killing xD I bet ti is for anyone else too >_> or I'm just weird like that
  7. Im hopefully going to have maybe 1.5k with how I'm managing my money at the moment ^^; I still have to make one more costume. Hopefully I can before july 10
  8. i really hope i get in, i've been practicing all morning and day xDD if not, hey i can always still sing at the karaoke bar ^^!
  9. Can't wait for this year's otakon ^^! I did have only myself and my boyfriend going but now we have: Me my boyfriend his friend shane his friend will and two other ppl who are a couple idk xD Hopefully it will be fun ^^ see you all there!
  10. Hi! I havent't been to Otakon I think since 2006 ;_;! But I'm looking forward to this year! I saw this Otaku Idol and I figured hey i use to sing in the kareoke bar at the convention so why not give this a shot ^^; I just have to find sometime to sit down and actually record my demo considering its going to be due next week. I hope I get in and good luck to everyone else Let's have a fun time this year! !
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