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  1. Anime that I always still even get teared up at (even though I've seen them like a million times over and over!)

    AIR TV Of course. I get so into the plot and such I tear up at the end of almost all the serious episodes.

    I cried a bit at the end of toradora but it was happy tears not sad ones xD

    FMA when the little girl was turned into a chimera and in so much pain that Scar put her out of her misery.

    Kanon episode when the fox girl dies.

    Yea there's a couple of others but I can't think of them at the moment ^^;; AIR is a big one though I love that anime to death ^^;

  2. Can't wait for this year's otakon ^^! I did have only myself and my boyfriend going but now we have:


    my boyfriend

    his friend shane

    his friend will

    and two other ppl who are a couple idk xD

    Hopefully it will be fun ^^ see you all there!

  3. Hi! :D I havent't been to Otakon I think since 2006 ;_;! But I'm looking forward to this year! I saw this Otaku Idol and I figured hey i use to sing in the kareoke bar at the convention so why not give this a shot ^^; I just have to find sometime to sit down and actually record my demo considering its going to be due next week. I hope I get in and good luck to everyone else :D Let's have a fun time this year! ^_^!

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